6 Reasons to Love Yourself

When did loving yourself become such a revolutionary thing?

The question leaves us all startled for a moment. It is true that why we need to write positive articles and long blogs to persuade people to start loving themselves. There are so many good things that every one of us is born with, that every one of us are blessed with. But instead of loving that, we are all focused on our flaws and whine about it every single second. These perfectly flawed things about ourselves has even made us hate our own selves, hate our very existence. If you too have any such thoughts, here is a piece was written for you and for every person facing the same. Your body is not any temple or universe as quoted by our ancestors; it is the mere proof of your happy existence. So maybe you don’t see it, but we do and here we are listing some reasons to fall back in love with yourself all over again:

  1. You are you and that is your Superpower

In this whole wide world, you are the only “you”. Confused? Well, no one has lived your life and hence their judgment is as futile as their opinion about you. You are 100 percent you and unique in every possible way. Everything you hate or love about yourself, add up to you. Therefore embrace your uniqueness. Only when you love your quirks, the world will see how beautifully they add up to “being you”.

  1. No one is perfect and you are no different

One of the few things that we have been listening from archaic times is that nobody is perfect. Even after so many years, we have failed to accept this simple fact. Everyone has their own flaws which are completely okay. Don’t pressurise yourself to be all “chick perfect” all the time. Your little imperfections only cast the light on your “not perfect but beautiful things”. So we suggest you embrace your imperfections.

  1. You connote strength in your own little ways

You don’t have to jump off a cliff or lead a life sacrificing all your wants to be called as “strong”. You have lived your hardships and have overcome them. You even are doing that every day of your life and you should be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of guts and courage to be where you are. Even after hitting the rock bottom, you haven’t quit on yourself and on your dreams. If all of this doesn’t constitute to being strong, we don’t know what else.

  1. Your usual and unusual talents

If you’re a big FRIENDS fanatic, you probably remember how proud Joey was that he could drink a gallon of milk within a few seconds. That guy convinced his best friend too to give him credits for his “quirky” talent. You don’t have to be super talented in conventional ways. Remember how your dark sense of humour always leaves everyone in awe or how your cooking skills with the left outs are so appreciated at every party. You have got something that you can do pretty well, maybe better than anyone else out there. So embrace these talents and love yourself for being so dynamically talented.

  1. Stop demeaning your body

Good things come in different sizes. You don’t have to whine over your body just because it doesn’t fit in the conventional standards of society. Your body shape is as unique as you. Every curve of your body, every bump of it, is nurtured by your mother with her blood for nine long months and for as long as you live, she will continue doing so. Why don’t we pay heed to complements showered over us on our body by our loved ones instead of whining about our body shape because of a nasty comment of a stranger? Only when you’re comfortable in your skin and start loving it, you infuse the same thing amongst others. Your body is one thing that is going to be with you from start to end. So stop blaming it or hating it and start loving it, every bit, and every piece of it.

  1. You are the hope for others

It might come as a surprise to you but you are a ray of hope for many people. Your little sibling might not say that to your face, but you are someone they all look up to. Your parent may accuse you of all your wrongs in front of you, but they are proud of all your little achievements. The stranger you see on the bus and passed a smile, make his day. The simple thing you do for someone becomes might be the life turning event for them. Your presence for your friend might work as the “source of confidence”. There are so many people who are directly or indirectly influenced by your presence and by your “not so perfect” personality and habits. Start seeing yourself from their eyes and we assure you that there is nothing more beautiful than your very presence.

The list is never ending and we can all write down many other points as well to tell you the reasons to love yourself. But unless, it’s you who feel any different than this, everything is in vain. So, the first thing you can do is to start pretending, start takings stands for yourself, start embracing your flaws and be gentle with yourself. Loving yourself isn’t that difficult as it seems. All you have to do is to take little but firm steps towards it, every single day. How can you expect someone else to love you or accept you when you can’t do it by yourself? Even if you want to change for good, start with accepting yourself and loving every bit of yourself. You will surely get surprised by the results of doing something as simple as “loving yourself”.

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