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What’s so special About Moffett Forklifts?

Any operations manager, forklift operator or fleet manager who has been in the material handling industry for even a few years will know about the Moffett brand. Moffett forklifts are manufactured by Hiab which is the world’s leading provider of on-road handling equipment. Hiab (on land), along with Kalmer (at ports) and MacGregor (at sea) constitutes the world’s leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions, Cargotec. The Moffett brand itself is present in more than 45 countries including goliaths...


Must Have Automotive Tools and Equipment for Common Mechanical Issues

Mechanical Emergencies don’t ask before occurring and keeping handy while these unfortunate vents can be done on our part. if you have a set of right Automotive tools and equipment, you can easily perform many minor and common automotive repairs. apart from it, these mechanical hand tools are helpful in routine maintenance at home. Working on the car by own, will not only deduce down the time and money, it will be quite an experience which is rewarding in itself....