Top 10 Self Assemble Furniture for Your Home & Office

Self Assemble Furniture
Self Assemble Furniture

Many of us have tried to build furniture from scratch. However, most of us have discovered that the interior designer in us might not be so active after all! Here are some great options when it comes to DIY and RTA (ready to assemble) furniture if you are looking for a home interior complete solution.

Kitchen Furniture

1. Kitchen Stools

Modern homes can definitely carry the oomph associated with a retro bar-like kitchen setup. For this purpose, you need to have kitchen stools that combine the chic and utilitarian look perfectly! Get yourself a set of adjustable kitchen stools and turn your kitchen into the coolest place in the house.

2. Kitchen Cabinets

Modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune will tell you all about the functional RTA kitchen cabinets. They are the thing of the future. They will save you overall costs of home interior design as shipping and labor charges are much lower than fully assembled cabinets. These are easy to assemble with the help of simple tools that most of us already have at home. They are as strong and sometimes even better looking than conventionally designed kitchen cabinets.

Storage Furniture

1. Book Storage Unit

When shopping for modular home furniture in Pune, do not forget about all those books piling up at home which you somehow stow away in cupboards and on desktops, gathering dust. Self-assemble bookcases and storage units come in all shapes and sizes – towering ones to the most compact units that can be fitted into any nook or cranny!

If you are one for the contemporary look, opt for a metal framed case. For the more classic look, choose a wooden bookcase. For more minimalist interior design, you can also go for floating shelves. These storage units are ideal for displaying your favorite showpieces and memorabilia too.  

2. Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are the perfect solution for smart home furniture in Pune. Whether you want to hide those worn clothes away or those newspapers and magazines piling up on your coffee table, these cabinets can serve any and every storage purpose.

Storage cabinets can be made to fit your choice of space – whether under the staircase or in the corner of a room. Simply follow the manufacturer instructions for assembly for a hassle-free setup.

Living Room 

1. Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a lot more than a fancy piece of furniture adorning your living room. They can be fitted with storage options such as drawers and racks while serving the purpose of a true utility table. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on where you want to use it. RTA coffee table designs are available aplenty from modular furniture manufacturers in Pune. Another option could be the super useful nesting tables, especially if you are lacking in space. 

2. TV Cabinet

Who does not like a bit of cozy family time, couched up in front of the television? Therefore, it is important to invest in a TV unit or cabinet that can display your flat-screen TV for everyone to enjoy easily. DIY self-assembly units are your go-to choice if you want to turn this into a family activity!

Bedroom Furniture

1. Beds

No matter the size of your bed, modern beds are smarter with ample storage space, not to mention hardiness and aesthetic to look at. With plenty of furniture manufacturers offering easy to assemble bed frames, you can now have a greater say in the design of your bed.

2. Wardrobe

Bedroom wardrobes are our lifeline. They not only serve the important role of storage spaces, but many of them come with a fitted mirror and a couple of bedroom drawers for better organization. Fitted, mirrored, or open – modular wardrobe manufacturers offer a range of DIY assembled wardrobe options.

3. Bedside Tables

Bedside tables offer another storage solution for our ever-growing needs. Take your pick with one/ two/ or three drawers, depending on what your storage needs are. Store books or toiletries or electronic gadgets for easy access.

4. Chest of Drawers

The antique chest of drawers is coming back into fashion. Attractively designed in wooden finishes, these beauties offer further options for decluttering your bedroom. Get a good night’s rest with all your worries tucked away!

Utility Furniture

1. Multi-utility Laundry Unit

Shopping for wholesale modular furniture in Pune? Do not forget your laundry unit! One of the most important, yet often ignored spaces, the laundry corner easily demands a lot of storage and organizing. But fret not! There are now available smart solutions with extra shelving or a narrow cabinet to stack your laundry essentials, such as detergent, scrubs, cleaning brush, laundry bins or baskets, mops, brooms, or a vacuum cleaner.

2. Shoe Rack

Now, this is another piece of furniture that has historically failed to garner our attention, although it is one of the first items we run into as we enter a home. RTA shoe racks and DIY ideas for shoe storage are available in abundance. Whether you need a minimalist design, a 2- or 4-tier shoe rack, or even a really tall one to store your enviable collection of footwear, there is no dearth of options! Declutter your hallways and keep the foul smell away with easy to assemble shoe cabinets.

Workspace Furniture at Home

1. Desks and Chairs

From compact office desks, ideal for computers, and a few files, to traditional desks with elaborate storage systems like drawers, you are spoiled for RTA choices. And, while you are at it, we suggest you also invest in a comfy chair, ergonomically designed to support those long hours of strenuous work at the computer! 

2. Storage Cabinets

Cabinets and drawers are a must if you are looking to set up shop at home. Storing files and confidential documents requires a secure filing cabinet. Use the space under your desk to keep a storage rack or two. You can also consider setting up a DIY cabinet system to compliment your work desk.

As the world gradually adapts to a predominantly work from home culture, people are waking up to the reality that the workspace at home is something to give serious thought to. People end up spending half their time, and sometimes even more, at their work desk. Invest in a smart decking system that is easy to set up and does not take up too much of your precious time.

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