15 Most Amazing Health Benefits Of Red Wine

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Health Benefits Of Red Wine

A glass of red wine offers a host of health benefits when added to your diet in moderation! Abundant research has also proved that taking red wine has beneficial effects on your health from heart health to cancer. Also, Red wine can stave off many diseases because of a higher amount of antioxidant known as “resveratrol”. Yes! Resveratrol is the key ingredient and a reason to offer wine as something with amazing health benefits. Are you ready to stack with your favourite red wine bottles now? If yes, then remember to take alcohol in moderation as drinking too much or binge drinking can cause adverse effects on the body.

Now! Read the article and find out how red wine consumption can reap your body with more benefits.

Surprising health benefits of red wine:

Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Well! The benefits are endless! But, before we jump to read its benefits, let’s check out the pour size:

Moderate drinking is healthy drinking! Women can take one glass per day, whereas men can reserve their drink up to two glasses per day. Now, while sipping a glass of your favourite brand of red wine, let’s go through the perks offered alongside.

1) Improves heart health:

Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and other metabolic diseases. This is because of a higher amount of polyphenol antioxidants. But, always try to have wine in moderate amount as increased intake may increase the chance of developing heart disease. If you are already taking pills for heart disease, refill your bottle by ordering medicines online from any trusted online medicine site and get amazing medicine discount on all your orders.

2) Rich in antioxidants:

Yes! Red wine is packed with more antioxidants such as resveratrol, quercetin and epicatechin. It helps to fight off free radicals and protect the body from cellular damage. So, consuming red wine helps to supply a sufficient amount of antioxidants in your body than white wine.

3) Helps in weight loss:

Resveratrol in the red wine helps to trim off the extra fat from the body. It also helps to fight off obesity and other metabolic dysfunction.

4) Reduces inflammation:

The compounds present in the wine have anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation in the body can lead to many diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancers, and heart disease. But, the intake of red wine will have the power to reduce inflammation in the body.

5) Promotes longevity:

Drinking a moderate amount of wine can increase longevity. Yes! It’s all because of higher levels of antioxidants in the wine!

6) Improves bone strength:

If men with metabolic syndrome consume wine, they can improve bone density to a greater extent. Wine’s anti-inflammatory effect can prevent bone loss and stimulates bone-forming cells in the body. Make sure to drink wine in moderation, excessive consumption can increase the risk of bone fractures.

Building healthy bones are very important, especially as we age. Spreading calcium intake throughout the day with proper foods is more important to protect bone health. There are many nutritional supplements available in the market to meet consumer demands, so choose the one that suits best to your needs. Buy OTC medicines online from the best online medicine store in India.

7) Makes your skin glow and slows down ageing:

Supping the vibrant dark red wine keeps your skin glowing and also, makes you look younger. Yes! Taking red wine, indeed, slows down ageing. The antioxidant ‘Resveratrol’ in wine also protects your skin from UV-damage.

8) Stimulates healthy gut bacteria:

Consuming a glass of red wine promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. This also helps to minimize metabolic syndrome markers in obese patients.

9) Improves mental health:

Yes! Taking a sip of red wine once in a while can reduce stress and depression by blocking the stress-related enzymes in the brain. But, excessive drinking of red wine can induce depression and anxiety levels.

10) Lowers cholesterol:

The natural plant chemical ‘resveratrol’ in red wine can boost good cholesterol and lowers the bad cholesterol levels. Following a strict diet, reducing trans-fat consumption and regular exercise can help to keep your cholesterol levels in check. Red wine consumption also aids in preventing plaque formation.

11) Reduces the risk of cancer:

Red wine can beat the deadly disease. The antioxidant can destroy the malignant cells and protect the normal cells from further damage caused due to chemotherapy. Consuming wine at least once in a week can diminish the risk of bowel cancer. Before you start to consume red wine, speak to your doctor and gather his advice.

12) Promotes healthy eyes:

Moderate consumption of red wine can improve eye health and protects the vision. It also guards the blood vessels against getting damaged due to ageing.

13) Reduces blood sugar levels:

Drinking red wine in moderation can lower your blood sugar levels. The presence of polyphenols in red wine can bring down the sugar levels in diabetes patients. So, if you are following a strict diabetic meal plan, you can enjoy taking a glass of wine and win its incredible health benefits.

14) Prevents tooth decay:

Several studies have shown that consuming red wine can reduce the incidence of tooth decay and cavities.

15) Promotes hair growth:

Consuming red wine improves blood circulation and also increases circulation to the scalp. It also helps to minimize the formation of dead cells in the scalp. Thus, it aids in promoting thicker hair growth.

Negative health outcomes of red wine:

Too much drinking or binge drinking of red wine can cause the following side-effects to the body:

  • It is unsafe to consume red wine during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The intake can cause the alcohol to pass from the mother’s breast milk to the newborn. This leads to a decline in the child’s learning skill.
  • Excess wine consumption may inhibit muscle healing
  • If you are already suffering from asthma, high blood pressure, gout, insomnia and pancreatitis, then abstain yourself from consuming red wine.
  • It’s good to enjoy red wine and gain its benefits only if you consume in moderation. Get benefited from its amazing health benefits as discussed above. If you are not used for red wine, you can get its benefits from food sources as well!
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