5 Awesome Ways to Get Thicker and Stronger Hair

Get Thicker and Stronger Hair

Although there is no direct way to change the texture of your hair follicles, there are things that you can actually do to make your strands appear thicker and somehow reduce hair loss and breakage. In this short post, we have listed five awesome ways to help you achieve hair that feels thicker and stronger.

Get Thicker and Stronger Hair

1. Keep your hair hydrated and healthy

So, how do you keep your hair hydrated and healthy? There are many products you can use. Castor oil is one. This natural oil is a great remedy for those struggling with thin and dull hair. Use it as a deep conditioning hair mask by massaging it into your strands and roots. Leave it on for an hour or two and rinse it with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. You don’t want too much oil on your hair, right?

When applying castor oil, it is important that you massage it a bit. For better results, you can also mix it with grapeseed oil and banana. While grapeseed oil has fatty acids that make your strands thicker, bananas contain vitamin B and potassium that protects the shaft and prevents the formation of split ends.

If castor oil is not available, you may use other natural oils, such as Argan oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. Jojoba oil is said to mimic the properties of the sebum oil that is naturally produced in the scalp. Thus, it definitely helps promote strong and healthy hair.

2. Try green tea.

Yes, you read that right. Green tea isn’t just for detoxification purposes. This amazing product has been shown to have positive effects in the hair, too.

According to studies, green tea has an anti-androgen effect that helps prevent hair thinning and baldness. Though more research needs to be done to prove this, it does not hurt to try.

3. Give your scalp a good massage.

This may look like an easy thing to do, but many people ignore the effects of a good and soothing massage. A good massage can make your strands thicker. C’mon, what worse can a massage do to your hair?

4. Use the right products.

Your choice of hair products may have an effect on how your hair looks and feels. Different hair types require certain products that are formulated to their needs.

For instance, those with fine hair must look for and use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to create an illusion of thickness and improve shine. For those with dry and coarse hair, products that are formulated to moisturize and tame frizz are recommended.

If you are uncertain about what products to use, you can always consult your hairstylist.

5. Avoid over washing.

Too much of anything can do more harm than good. The same applies to your hair care routine.

The number one mistake we commit when it comes to hair care is over-washing. Of course, we want our hair to be always clean. However, cleansing it regularly with shampoo can cause your hair to lose shine. If you wash regularly, you can get rid of your hair’s natural oils, which are needed for shine.

In Conclusion

If you really think about it, the secret to having thick hair is actually keeping your hair healthy. While you might not be able to exchange your actual strands for something you prefer, you can always prevent future damage and make your hair look better with these amazing hacks.

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