7 Staycations Near Pune for a perfect Weekend


What do we need for a perfect weekend? 

Many of us wish for a calm place enclosed the beautiful scenery which prevails the sense of peace and help us to fight stress and anxiety. If you are one of them then you are in the right place. 

In this article, I am going to list down some of the refreshing staycations near Pune for your next weekend which would refresh your soul. 

Here’s the list of staycations near Pune for a perfect weekend:

1. VishwaVed Farms:

Vishwaved Farms is one of the perfect weekend getaways near Pune. Enjoy adventure-filled and romantic outing at this farmhouse which gives the feel of a home away from your home.

Apart from your stay at VishwaVed Farms, you can also enjoy the nearby attractions like trekking at Torna Fort, Rajgad Fort, Madheghat, etc. So overall, you can experience adventurous and peaceful vibes. It’s one of the perfect fusion of beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodation, and adventure.

Address: Gate no 1593, Pabe, Taluka, Pune, Maharashtra 412213

2. Broome Farmstays:

Broome Farmstays is another serene farmhouse located in Pune. It is spread over 10 acres of farmland and the cottages are surrounded by the greenery. With the colonial-style architecture and greenery all over the farmland, Broome Farmstays is heaven for those seeking peaceful family time.

Address: Broome Farmstays, Tathawade, Dattwadi, Maharashtra 411033

3. The Machan:

If you are looking for a super luxurious stay in the lap of nature then you must go for the stay at Machan. The Machan is an eco-friendly resort which is located in the beautiful village of Lonavala. If you want to go out and enjoy then there are plenty of options available (e.g., Tiger Point, Bushi Dam, Deela adventure park, Lavasa, etc.).

Address: The Machan, Private Road, Lonavala, Atvan, Maharashtra 401401

4. Palmwood Retreat:

Palmwood Retreat located in Mulshi is an easy and one of the nearest getaways from Pune. It is also known as the agro-tourism center and boasting more than 20000 plantations.

Spread over 20000+ sq. ft, Palmwood Retreat is one of the best escape from the bustling of the city. It provides a private lawn where you can spend quality time with your partner. 

If you are looking for a romantic getaway or adventurous getaway, this place has everything to offer.

Address: Palmwood Retreat, Paud Gaon, Mulshi Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 412108

5. Le Farm:

Located around 58.5 km away from Pune, Le Farm is another weekend staycation near Pune. This magnificent farmhouse is located in Bhajgaon near the Vadivale Dam. Le Farm has 6 bedrooms, and, is built over the 15 Acres private land.

The nearby attractions to the Le Farm are Vadavali Lake, Kondeshwar Temple or you can also enjoy a tandem paragliding ride.

Address: Le Farm, Kamshet, Near Tata Power Somwadi Dam, Dist. Pune – 410 415

6. Fazlani Natures Nest:

It is another luxurious staycation near Pune, located 50.1 km away from Pune. Fazlani Natures Nest is a luxury wellness resort in Lonavala which is the perfect escape from the chaos of the city. In Fazlani Natures Nest, you can enjoy various rejuvenation therapies like spa, yoga, reflexology, gym which helps the guests to relax and refresh themselves. 

This resort has 13 villas and grand dining space. You can also enjoy activities like horse riding and cycling.

Address: Fazlani Natures Nest, Maval Taluk near Lonavala Pune, Maharashtra 412106

7. Fragrant Sun:

Located around 75.5 km away from Pune, this place is a must-visit if you want to live in a naturally nested farmhouse. At Fragrant Sun, you get to surround yourself with nature and nature only. Disconnect yourself from bustling city life and connect yourself with nature.   

Located next to a beautiful lake and green forests, You are going to love your homestay at Fragrant Sun.

Address: SaffronStays Fragrant Sun, Mulshi, Maharashtra.

These were some of the perfect staycations near Pune you can consider for your next weekend outing with your family and friends. These are not very popular places but once you be there I guarantee you are going to have beautiful memories with your loved ones. 

All of these farmhouses are located away from the city but the lush green and peaceful surroundings are worth traveling.

Have you been to any of these farmhouses? What was your experience? Write it down below in the comment section and let’s help those planning to go to these farmhouses.

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