8 Most Powerful & Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

“Food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.” Fed up of all those comments, all the body shaming? Looking for some effective workouts and best exercises to lose weight and to shed those calories, well look no further because we bring you the 8 most powerful exercises that will help in burning all your fat out and to get you all in shape.

These exercises are helpful in weight reduction, body toning and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So what are we waiting for, 3…2…1… Let’s start:

List of best exercises to lose weight

The magic of the high-intensity interval training:

 best exercises to lose weight

What if we tell you, weight reduction is possible when you can exercise for a shorter period and can easily take long breaks? But… but… but… there is a tweak in it, which is nothing else but the intensity of the workout. Being one of the best exercises to lose weight HIIT the popular acronym stands for High-Intensity Travel Training is the procedure of weight reduction which involves short intervals of intense exercise followed by the longer resting periods.  The intense workout is carried till you officially dry up with your maximum of energy.

There is no secret in HIIT, but it is solely driven by the concept that harder you work in those intense intervals, more you lose or more you win. The normal potential of the body to lose fat is easily triggered by HIIT and those stubborn carbs and fats can be easily burnt. So an intense workout of 15 minutes is way more effective than a normal workout for an hour with the long-lasting results.

Dance on the beats of Zumba

 best exercises to lose weight

Well if you too aren’t a gym person in real and striving for shedding those extra pounds, Zumba is one of the best exercises to lose weight. One of the many reasons that make it the best exercise regime for weight reduction is its easy incorporation in day to day life that will help you in improving your fitness. As per the recent study, it is also found that it is one good way to relive all the stress as it channelizes the energy into the workout. So what are you waiting for, take your dance shoes and let’s shimmy-shimmy on the beats of Zumba?

The power of 12 in one Surya Namaskar

exercise to lose weight

India has surely gifted the world with some specials but one of these many specials is Yoga. The ancient and most effective form of exercise constitutes of several Aasans.  They are not only for weight reduction but to stay fit and healthy for a longer period. It is considered as aligning the pace of body with the mind for boosting the longevity. If you are not that big fan of Yoga, try Surya Namaskar amongst all and it constitutes 12 different Aasans.

It is amongst the widely practiced Aasans all around the world and among owing to its effects which are comprehensive and focus on several parts of the body. Not only for weight reduction, has it helped in fortifying the skeletal system along with ligaments. Apart from being wondrous for physical health, it helps in reducing the anxiety and stress too.

Swim all the way around to get rid of those mermaid thighs

 best exercise

Swimming is one amongst the best exercises to lose weight that help in massive reduction. It helps in burning fat, trimming all those extra inches while making you stronger and healthier than ever. A good intense swimming for an hour can burn up to 600-700 calories irrespective of the different swimming styles. What makes it more effective? Well, it includes major muscle groups which are back muscles, arms, abdominal muscles, legs, and hips along with glutes. You can simply rely on it in particular or can accompany your weight reduction process by swimming with running as well. So shed those mermaid thighs with the vigorous swim.

Walking down the road helps you to de-bloat

lose weight

Well, it is surely the primary option which many people focuses before embarking upon the journey of weight reduction but is often mislead by the early transformations of workouts in gyms. Do you know a brisk walk for half an hour could burn up to 150 calories? While thinking about shedding all those “extras” we often prefer gyms, instead what you should be going for as a novice is walking. Walking is one of the easiest and best exercises to lose weight. It also helps in boosting the stamina that could help you in long workout intervals.

Squat all the way down to rise up

 best exercise to lose weight

Squats are probably one of the most powerful exercises for lower abdomen especially focused on thighs and hips. A good workout of squats will indulge all your lower body along with your core. Squats can help you in shedding the fat from your lower body including your thighs, hips, and glutes. It is one of the most popular exercises essentially included in the workout regimes for athletes and no wonder they all have got the body shape to drool over. Start with 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions and gradually increase it and in no time you can transform yourself completely.

Planks for strengthening the core

 best exercise to lose weight

Anything stronger from the core can be more effective and long-lasting and that’s what Planks do. You have to kneel on a mat pacing your hand in the direct position under your shoulder. Later stretch your each leg one at a time to form the position of a plank. The body during the plank position should be firmly straight and long. Hold onto this position for 2-3 minutes and then gradually drop back on your mat. It will help you in strengthening those core muscles.

Burpees to burn out all those stubborn calories

 best exercise to lose weight

The exercise is quintessential if you are looking for some major transformation and massive weight reduction. The exercise engages every major muscle group of the body thus helping in shedding the calories out. This is one difficult version of exercises and you may find excuses to avoid the same in the beginning, but just endure yourself and we assure you that you will see the results in no time. This mainly features to burn fat from your arms, chests, legs, shoulders, all at once.

This time choose exercise instead of extra fries…

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