9 Best Instagram Advertising Exchanges

Instagram Advertising Exchanges
Instagram Advertising Exchanges

It’s no secret that 10,000 active live followers on Instagram can be typed in just half a year. And it is this figure today that is the starting point for monetizing your Instagram account. And if some three or four years ago it was customary to consider a person who has 3-4 thousand subscribers as an opinion leader, today this is far from the case. Algorithms have changed, and advertisers’ requests for advertising sites are changing exponentially.

Right content

Working with the right content for Instagram today has turned into a whole science. BM training on Instagram alone lasts as long as 8 hours a week. And promoting Instagram without automation is more and more like a naive joke unless of course, you are some kind of super popular media personality around which there is constant hype. For those who care about automatic promotion, recently I wrote a review on the cloud version of the best and proven over the years service for automatic promotion on Instagram, namely.

Today I want to answer a critical question. What to do when the psychologically important barrier of 10,000 subscribers in your Instagram account is passed? And here is most likely one correct and correct answer, try to monetize all this. Why try? Because attempts in connection with the huge competition on the Instagram advertising market can take you no less effort than you put in to get these 10,000 subscribers.

And if one of the supposedly “popular” bloggers says that out of principle he doesn’t advertise on his Instagram – do not believe it. There are only two versions of the background. A person has a too “horse” price tag or in real life, half of his subscribers are bots or dead souls with abandoned inactive accounts. And since you read his nonsense, he’s just lucky that he has such a loyal subscriber as you, who also puts likes on him.

Best SMM services

Well, in real life, all this is very easy to verify using specialized Geek Web Solution give you the best SMM services such and Internet marketers who own advertising budgets today bite through such opinion leaders of “dummies” in just a couple of mouse clicks where they should.

Of course, many dissatisfied and knowledgeable guys will say, but you have not heard about such a thing as coverage? Maybe he’s just low! To which I will answer simply. If a person has 80,000 subscribers, he cannot have 400-500 likes under the photo. If 10,000 subscribers, then maybe. But usually, these numbers are larger. For the performance, I’ll give an example. Public 10,500 subscribers bring 700 likes not at the most successful hour, not under the most successful photo, and about 1200-1300 likes under almost every other post posted at the right time.

Public 21000 subscribers bring consistently and daily 2200 likes under each new post. Rounding roughly, with competent analysis, normal content, and not very successful coverage, conversion, i.e. ER should be 5-10% of the total number of subscribers. ER falls at the moment when the subscription begins on the account. For more than a couple of days, new content has not been released or the Instagram rendering algorithm has changed again. And lately, he has been very much in a fever.

Earn money on Instagram account

Well, now let’s decide how you can try to earn at least some money on your Instagram account with only 10,000 subscribers?

Option one

Options one and the easiest. Wait until potential advertisers notice you and write you first in Direct or other contacts you specify to place your ad. The only time these advertisers usually want an ad for a penny. An example from life. In a group of more than one hundred thousand people, the advertiser wants to place an ad for a day for 20 rubles. Is funny Rather sad. In fact, an adequate advertising price for a group of 10,000 participants with an ER of 7-15% is 200-300 rubles per post. And there is nothing like that.

The market is already crowded and you are now jumping into the last departing car if you decide to contact Instagram. Nevertheless, with an increase in the number of subscribers on your account, you can calmly raise this bar by 100-200 rubles for every 5000 new subscribers, and this is normal. Just remember. Make the most of your engagement and reach. Let me remind you that all this can be easily controlled using services such as asLiveDune which measures and displays all activity with peaks and drops in the form of quite cool and visually understandable charts and graphs.

Option two

Here you already have to work hard or use the services of services such as Leadfeed or the like. I already wrote about this on the pages of my blog. The goal is as follows. You yourself are looking for potential advertisers and write them in Yandex. Direct. Believe me, from my experience 1 in 20 agrees even if I have never heard of you before. And every 10th agrees a little later.

Third option

Well, the third option. To which just today I dedicated this article. Post your Instagram account on Instagram advertising exchanges, set a price, and wait for the reaction of advertisers. Or, yourself, search for suitable tasks from advertisers and offer your own platform for advertising from these tasks. And that’s what we’ll talk about today.

Personally, I counted 9 live well or practically live American-speaking Instagram advertising exchanges, each of which presents its own rules for the posted accounts. But personally, I actively work only with two now. Namely, with the exchanges LABEL UP and ADSTAMER. Well, sometimes I don’t take orders from the EPIC STARS exchange very often.

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