All About Commercial RO Purification System

RO Purification System

It is essential to consume sufficient water, and it is vital to living a healthy life since the human body is made up of more than 60% of water. Purified water is essential for daily life activities and thus a prerequisite for social functioning.

Purification of water involves RO (REVERSE OSMOSIS) techniques that infiltrate water from harmful chemicals such as- chlorine, lead, etc. And other contaminants which make the water fit for human consumption, water purification can also be done through UV (ULTRAVIOLET) water purifiers but it is considered to be less effective than RO water purifiers as it kills all germs, but their bodies remain in the water only, and they are also unable to remove dissolved salts, on the other hand, RO water purifiers:-

  • Blocks and removes all germs and viruses from the water and makes the water free from contaminants without even leaving their bodies in the water
  • They are also able to remove dissolved salts from the water
  • It has a unique system of pre-filtration to work with dirty water

Thus, RO purifiers are considered to be the best for purification of water as they remove everything from water, not only all bacteria, viruses, and germs but also dissolved chemicals that could be much more dangerous than bugs.

Now, as the population is increasing commercial RO purification systems are in high demand.

A commercial water purification machine is mostly used in

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Hotels

For the supply of clean drinking water.

Factors Influencing The Installation Of Commercial Ro Systems


The hardness of water impurities and how soluble they are in the water determines the complexity of technology which should be involved in the installation of a commercial RO system.


The total dissolved salt(TDS) determines the drinkability of water. The TDS level of drinking water should be below 300 mg/l, and high levels of TDS can seriously damage our health and lead to the occurrence of waterborne diseases causing illness. The commercial RO water purifier should be able to maintain the TDS levels to provide safe drinking water.


The chlorine levels of water is a significant factor which determines the installation of a commercial water purification machine, as high chlorine levels require a reliable commercial RO plant to remove the impurities.


As commercial water purification systems provide purified water on a broad basis, the iron levels must I’ll be tested to install an industrial water purification plant, so that it can handle the content of impurities in it and remove it also.


As commercial water filter systems are designed to provide purified and clean drinking water in a large amount. Thus, the capacity of an industrial water purification plant must be analyzed to install it.

Components Of A Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

A complete RO  system generally includes several other components, such as:-


This includes carbon filters to remove chlorine, iron, manganese and sulfur filters water softeners or antiscalant systems.


RO systems make water slowly, show a tank is required. There are two types of containers:-

  • Atmospheric and
  • Bladder types.


This includes ultraviolet disinfection (UV) or ozonation to kill bacteria, pH adjustment to raise the pH or add some hardness back to the water or deionization to demineralize the water.


Monitoring the end water quality is often desirable, so several instruments and analyzers are available to facilitate that.


  1. A commercial RO functions at its highest level when it is fed into the open air for the atmospheric tank.
  2. Commercial RO will deliver water that is extremely low in TDS (TOTAL DISSOLVED SALT)
  3. A commercial RO water purification system provides purified water in large quantities with minimum impurities at a much faster rate than any other purification technology.
  4. Commercial water purifiers are mainly used to serve the purpose of providing clean drinking water is mostly restaurants, hotels, malls, schools, etc.
  5. They have the capacity of providing safe drinking water by eliminating all impurities at a much faster rate, and to a large number of consumers.
  6. Thus, commercial water purifiers are one of the essential appliances which have made clean drinking water available to a large population and also making them free from waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc.

There are several brands available in the market providing a different range of commercial water purifiers that have employed different technologies to purify water and to reach a large number of people and to provide them with clean and safe drinking water for various purposes.

Some of the well-known brands are:-

  • Kent
  • Livpure
  • HUL pureit Ultima
  • Blue star

Commercial water purifier machines are employed by various private and government industries to provide purified water to a large number of people by using RO technology. They are of great necessity as the population is increasing and the need to provide safe drinking water is also growing to ensure the development of the nation.

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