An Easy Way To Fix A Flat Tyre

 Fix A Flat Tyre

We’re going to give you tips on how you how to fix a flat tire.

If you ever been in a situation where you go out for errands and you come back, look at your car and notice that you just got a flat tire? Well, it’s not a fun situation. But it does give you a good opportunity to learn how to deal with unexpected vehicle mishaps.

What Are Your Options

The first step is that you want to immediately get home or to the tire shop. So, we want to get some air in that tire. Let’s check out our 3 options we have for situations like this:

The Easiest Option

First, you could use an air pump. Second, if your car has a spare tire, you could use that, and then Third you could use a handy dandy can of air.

Note: If needed, you could a plug kit to immediately plug the tire in the parking lot, just in case you’re far away from home or a tire shop.

Back at your flat tire, the first thing you should do is pump up the tire with a portable 12-volt air compressor because it’s the quickest and easiest method. All you do is screw it on to the valve stem and then you get your cigarette lighter adapter and it plugs right in.

Sometimes, the cigarette lighter isn’t powered unless you have the car in the run position. So, make sure to start your car. And then all you have to do is hit the little button on the air compressor. Then watch the gauge until it pumps it up to where you need it to be. For a tire like on the Mustang it only takes about five minutes to go from deflated to fully inflated.

It’s supposed to be around 32 – 35 PSI. You can pump it up just a little bit more so that you have some extra air for the ride home. And then all you have to do, once you’re pumped up is to shut it off. Unscrew it from the valve stem and screw the cap back. You will notice how effortless that was. You won’t have to jack the car up, change tires, or anything. That’s why keep one of these 12-volt air compressors in your trunk, right next to the spare tire. It’ll pay for itself the first time you use it and they’re relatively inexpensive.

You can research any options online. So, if you don’t have one you could get one for yourself now. You just want to wait a few minutes to make sure the tire doesn’t go flat really quickly because then it’s too dangerous to drive.

The Other Methods

Let’s talk about the other two methods. Now if you don’t have an air compressor or it’s not working, then Plan B would be to use the spare tire. If you’ve never changed the spare tire even if you don’t have a flat, go change it in your driveway. So, that you can practice the whole process and make sure you have all the tools you need while doing so.

If you have a spare tire in your car, then take out the needed tools to fix it. Most cars will also come with a scissor jack and a tire iron. You want to make sure you have both of these as well as a key for locking lug nuts.

In the majority of the condition, you rarely use or even check the spare, until you finally need it one day when you have a flat. Hence, many times the tyre is deflated or you’re missing the tools. 

If there’s one thing that you can learn from this article, other than fixing a flat, it is to make sure to go out there and check the pressure in your spare tire. Make sure you have all the tools you need to put on your spare tire.

The third method is using a leak saving spray. This should be considered the last method you should opt for as it can get messy and might also ruin the condition of the tire. But this is an easy and quick solution you can opt for if you are in the middle of nowhere where you can’t find a local tyre or car station near you.

Makes sure you practice your tyre-changing skills so, that in a situation of an unexpected mishap, you are ready to improvise and come up with a solution. Also, to maintain good-quality tyres, research, and review to invest in the best car tyres in Qatar.

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