An Essay on My Garden

Gardens are special as they add to the beauty and appearance of a home. In addition to enhancing the curb appeal, a garden tends to have a positive effect on the environment or air in which you breathe. In this modern world where everything is getting polluted, it has become important to have the fresh and purest form of air. Moreover, the beautiful flowers and trees are a treat for the eyes. For me, my garden is the most favorite part of my home where I can spend hours without getting bored.

I have learned gardening and maintenance from my parents. The way my mother treats different flowers and trees in our garden, it makes me realize their worth even more. My mother loves nature and natural beauty so I think I got that in me from her. Once we started gardening, a lot of our neighbors also got inspired by us and converted some parts of their homes into gardens. It has helped make the environment of the entire colony pleasant and pure. Moreover, there are different types of natural herbs in my garden from which we keep getting multiple benefits of skin and health.

I have also spent the best evenings of my life in my garden with my family members, friends, and close ones. My mother usually gets us hot soup, tea, or snacks to make our time even more memorable. I also remember all of my previous birthday celebrations which turned out to be simply great in my gardenbecause of its beauty and freshness. Moreover, the time I spend in my garden helps me restore my energy level to be able to continue with other activities of the day. Since every good thing comes with the responsibility of maintaining it, I have also learned to water and clean my plants daily.

The other best thing about my garden is that it provides me with an escape from the worries and frustrations of my daily life. Being in my garden takes me to another level of comfort and peace which we, humans, miss the most nowadays. It is also great to see dewdrops in the morning on the grass and leaves of plants. Sometimes, I even have a walk on the wet grass which helps me stay fresh throughout the day. Since I have seen my parents taking care of plants like their children, I also feel like they are now the members of our family without whom we are incomplete.

To sum up this sample essay, I would like to emphasize the importance of a garden in everyone’s life. It is a quite small step towards the betterment of our society and environment, but it can create huge differences in the end. If you want to preserve your nature as a responsible human being, you just need to turn the back part of your home into a garden. Once you are ready to do such a good deed, you are going to have a lot of good coming back your way.

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