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Mobile Apps

Technology has taken us from the path of barren land to the path of evergreen forest. It has tremendously changed the black and white picture of the earth and added an enormous range of distinct colors to it. With the change in technology, newest and unique features have landed on this planet from the minds of inventors.

Mobile Apps

If we talk about custom android app development, its journey is versatile and vast. Today, there are apps available in abundance. These apps have made our life smooth and pretty easier than it was before. Apps have become part and parcel of our daily life. I have described some of the apps which are productive and dynamic across the world. I hope you will take pleasure while reading my article and gain something useful out of it. Let’s start!

Google Assistant

Google has developed a virtual assistant which almost communicate like human and it is Google Assistant. This app has made the people’s life very comfortable and innovative across the world. You can chat; ask for any technical help etc with Google Assistant. In many smartphones, this app comes as already installed in it. People love this app and all the features it is providing. This specialized app will be dominating in the upcoming years as expected.


This app has been termed as the most fascinating and admirable app on the planet. People today are mostly using this app to chat and sent any pictures or messages to their near and dear ones through this app. Whatsapp offers excellent features such as simultaneously talking with four people, you can add more than simply the name, you can remove the message which you have sent, add location and time stickers, switch between video and voice calls etc. All these features attract public and increase the usage of this app.

Google Drive

This app is also of the popular app across the world. You just need to provide your email account to start using the features of Google drive. Backup problem related with cloud storage is almost solved using this app. Another important aspect of this app is that you can streamline music and convert PDFs into text format. Sharing, creating etc many things can be accomplished with the aid of this app.

iTunes 11

The latest version itunes11 is more powerful and pioneering than its previous one. With the assist of this app, you can listen music, play, shuffle and rate the songs. A complete album of songs will be offered to you when you will open this app. You can rearrange your playlist and add or remove any song from the playlist. All these features of this gorgeous app attract the music lovers and solve their problem.

Play store

This app offers all the other apps in the world to their users. You can install any app with the help of this Play store. Beside this, the app offers many other enthralling features too. You can check the section of your wish list and the most interesting and popular books, videos etc on internet through this app. You will have to install the beta version and join the Google community to make use of all these mesmerizing features.


One of the popular and oldest apps of this generation can be termed as Gmail. You can send text, video, audio, documents and any important PDFs etc through Gmail app. You can even chat and make groups on Gmail. For business purposes, this app is found to be interesting and productive. In many small and big companies, this app is used extensively. Any email via internet connection can be sent or received through Gmail.


If you have a smartphone then you should install this app as early as possible. This captivating app is widely used to share photos and videos. Recently one more feature is added in this app which is sharing your stories via pictures and videos. You can apply any filter and edit your picture through the Instagram app. Anyone who follows you, can see your picture. This social media app is used extensively across the world.


With the support of this app, you can watch any of your favorite TV shows, films, serials etc whatever may be your taste, you can see anything which you love. Without any break and clings between two episodes, from starting of the serial till the end at one click, you will be able to watch anything. From anyplace, at any time, you can watch any film, any show etc. There are thousands of options. You will have to simply sign up and pay the fees to install this app and make use of it.


This app has not only grown the trade and commerce but also given facility to know anything. Even a housekeeper can watch anything across the world through this app. Many people have made profit by posting videos and recordings in Youtube. Today, the scene is that even a five year old boy knows how to watch stories on Youtube. From learning cooking to getting mastery in machines, anything is possible with the help of this app.


Now, Facebook has become a mobile app and many businesses are transforming from small banners to large companies. This app has sorted out the problem of far distance friends. Now, anyone can see their friends’ latest updates on this social media app through a mobile phone. Many startups are developing their business just by clicking few things on mobile and the credit goes to Facebook app. Most famous and lovable app on the planet is none other than this Facebook app.

Google Maps

This is another app which is actually developed by Google and has made the life easier. With the help of this app, you can look at the street map from anywhere at any place across the world. While traveling from one place to another place this app helps a lot in showing the exact route and smallest possible route. For both IOS and Android mobile operating system, this app is accessible.

Finally, I would like to conclude that there are many apps falling under the category of finest apps. Above mentioned apps are few of those. There are certain apps which are only limited to a country or a continent. There is a wide range of apps in total all over the world.

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