Bangladesh – Braided with rivers, lakes and sparkling cascades

An undiscovered gem of Asia, Bangladesh is raw country blessed with sparkling cascades, bewitching landscapes, beautiful lakes, hospitable people, rich culture and loads of fish and rice. A country of 160 million people, this country is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Though it’s a least touristy destination but travelers should explore this untouched beauty. You don’t face any kind of tourism scam neither places are overcrowded and yes wherever you go locals pleased and surprised to see you. Bangladesh proffers plenty of amazing attractions and things to do that world didn’t aware off yet. Let us take you on a ride to explore this stunning Asian country that you can choose as your next travel destination.

Best Attractions in Bangladesh

  • Srimangal

For the searchers of peace or tranquility, Srimangal is the ideal place. Located in the north-eastern part and known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, this amazing place almost no tourists and even very few locals. Anywhere you look, you will only find the lush green tea gardens, perfect to soothe your nerves and relax your mind. The best thing to do here is cycling through the trails inside of tea gardens. Don’t forget to visit Lawachhara National Park and trek to Hamham waterfalls as they’re worth visiting places in Srimangal. Spend at least two days here to enjoy nature at best!

  • Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Don’t get surprised to know that the largest mangrove forest is in Bangladesh. Sundarban is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, located between India and Bangladesh but its major part lies in Bangladesh. You can see the last remaining Bengal tigers in the world here with many other wildlife. Offers soothing and tranquilizing environment, visiting Sundarban is once in a lifetime experience.

  • Chittagong Hill – Tracts

Nature showers much of the beauty at Chittagong Hill – Tracts. An amazing place filled with beautiful hills and home to many tribal groups. Adventure seekers, this place is for you! Take a walk deep inside the hills, meet the tribal people and see how they’re spending their lives so differently from outside world. Hills are not the only striking point but you’ll be mesmerized when see the most beautiful Sangu river. Take a boat ride during monsoon, a great experience in Chittagong Hills.

  • Parharpur

The tiny place in north-western part of country, Parharpur holds the most spectacular archeological site in Bangladesh. The second largest Buddhist monastery in 8th century, Somapuri Mahabhihara is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bangladesh. At that time monks from all over the world came to Somapuri Mahabhihara to get the higher education as it considered the world’s best Buddhist monasteries.

  • Gaur

Located at the Indian-Bangladesh border, Gaur is a ruined ancient city from medieval period. Gaur was once capital of Bengal, a full of life city during 12th to 14th century. The rich and wealthy city destroyed because of cholera. Still there are ruins of some beautiful mosques behind the mango orchids. Recently, archeologist department of Bangladesh done some amazing restoration work on these mosques. For history lovers and students, this is must visit place.

  • St. Martin’s Island

Breathtaking coral island of Bay of Bengal is ideal to enjoy some beachy experience in Bangladesh. The island is so quite on afternoon, enjoy the tranquility with amazing view then choose any of the nearest resort with private beach to stay. St. Martin’s Island is perfect to escape city hustle bustle.

  • Sylhet

Sylhet is full of natural beauty, from green water canal Lalakhal to Ratargul swamp forest stone collecting area Jaflong to amazing tea gardens there are so much to explore here. Meet the Khasia tribal who grow betel leaves in the forest. Visiting Sylhet is a must when you’re in Bangladesh.

  • Barisal

There are very few places like Barisal in the world. Located in the heart of Ganges Delta Barisal is a unique place where life is fully based on the river. You will see the beautiful floating markets, bazaars, schools and even whole villages presenting unique culture. Monsoon is the ideal time to visit Barisal when its several rivers and canals become full and there is greenery everywhere showing the best side of nature. Also monsoon is the time of floating guava markets, a treat to your insta stories.

  • Mosque City Bagerhat

In the 15th century, a Turkish general found a city of Bagerhat, formerly known as Khalifatabad. There are 60 historical mosques among which Dome Mosque is the most highlighted place to visit. Not just one or two places but the entire city of Bagerhat is recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site making it a worth visiting place for history lovers. Forbes also listed Bagerhat as one of the 15 lost cities of world. More than 50 Islamic monuments found here after removing the vegetation that had buried the city for many centuries. 

  • Cox’s Bazaar

Welcome to the longest unbroken sandy beach in the world. Cox’s bazaar is probably the only spot in Bangladesh that foreigners are aware off. You can stay at one of many resorts with private beach to spend relaxing time. At the end of your trip don’t forget to visit the interesting Wholesale Fish Market in Cox’s Bazaar.

  • Puthia

Bangladesh was once a part of India and after the 1947 partitioning it became the part of Pakistan and then in 1971 it becomes an independent country. The place called Puthia in Rajashahi, Bangladesh is filled with many Hindu temples and the best part is, they are amazingly well-maintained. The uniquely designed temples are must to see. Some of them are ornate with gorgeous terracotta plaques tells the epic Hindu stories.

  • Sonargaon

Sonargaon is the twin brother of Gaur. Just like the Gaur it was the old capital of Bengal in medieval era.  The ancient city still has some ruins to explore. The reason why tourists want to visit Sonargaon is because of its abandoned merchant city of Panam Nagar. The historical site was built in colonial time and a city of wealthy Hindu merchants who fled to India during insurrections after the partitioning in subcontinent. The fully abandoned city has 52 house remains in a single city. You can also visit the 15th century built Goaldi Mosque, the Folk-arts and Crafts Museum.

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