Where to Have Best Trekking Experience Around the World?

Best Trekking Experience

If you are an adventure seeker and want to amplify your view, stretch your arms and go ahead with trekking. Trekking is an exciting escape from hustle bustle routine of daily life. The snow crushing sound beneath your shoes, the green grass carpet, staying closely with nature and the long walk, is like a drop of water in thirsty summer day. Vast meadow of the valley, the quietness will send you to a day of the dream. The heaven is none where but very much in this living world. Although, it is a best physical and mental exercise.

There are numbers of places in the world which can give you a lifetime experience. So if you have a good health, sturdy lungs, fit legs and a mind to fly go ahead with a little preparation. We will talk here about some of the best trekking places in the world. In the very beginning, we will talk about Himalayan trekking.

Everest base camp trekking, Nepal:

Trekking Experience

There are numerous trekking routes to explore the Himalayan region. But the most of the routs lay in the Nepal side and the trekkers enjoy the routs from Nepal. Although Nepal itself is the best choice for trekking enthusiastic. Everest is the highest peak of the world and Everest base camp is the home immense adventure. From professional to amateur can enjoy this classic trek rout, but there is some risks  involved as those who have the breathing problem, bronchitis, high altitude sickness may face some health issues.

Nevertheless Everest Base camp is the best trekking destination, adventure lies in every bend of its way. The scenic beauty of the path tells you a single story once you reach there the world around will amaze you with the beauty. Beautiful forest, Sherpa village, glacier moraines, and snow-covered glaciers will take you to the top of the world. The best time to visit the place is from August to November. Once you will have this expedition, you will see the world in a different way.

Inca Trail, Peru:

Inca Trail

Peru is one of the most famous archaeological site of the world. People mainly plan for 3-4 days trekking, which gives them the glimpse of ancient rocky paths, sacred ancient sites and imposing mountain passes. The South American trek rout begins from the Cuzco. The facilities of food potters and camping are world class but not very costly. Walk through a cloud forest, and the beauty of snow Tip Mountain will bring the heaven in front of your eyes.

W circuit Torres Del Paine, Chile:

W circuit Torres Del Paine

The W circuit Torres Del Paine is located in the Patagonian region of Chile. It is situated between Andes Mountain region and Patagonian steppes. The place is best known for its soaring mountain, the electric blue iceberg peeping from glaciers and golden pampas. 3 granite towers and the horn-shaped peak Cuernos-del Paine are the main attractions among the trekkers. This 100 Km path need 5 days trekking through Frances valley and Grey Glaciers and the best time for W circuit trekking is from December to March.

From South America let’s peep to the trekking routes of Europe.

Tour de Mont Blanc, France:

Tour de Mont Blanc

The challenging trekking rout of Mont Blanc will obviously give you the jaw-dropping views of glaciers, tumbling valley and of course the Mont Blanc valley itself. The additional adventure in this trekking route is the refuge life; most of the trekkers enjoy this careless life. Most of them are great, the space problem is negligible, and the food, people, and their company, the view of Sunset and sunrise again are stupendous. The trekking route of Mont Blanc is also very interestin gas it goes anti-clockwise from France to Italy to Switzerland and back again to France. To enjoy the spectacular beauty one must come from June to September.

Routeburn Track, New Zealand:

Routeburn Track

The Routeburn Track is a combination of wild and Scenic Mountain. The track placed between the Hollyford and Dart valley is exactly at the base of Alps. Walking through a variety of scenic beauty, two national parks Fiord land and Mount Aspiring will enhance your experience more and more. To enjoy peace and Tranquility, New Zealand will offer you the most exquisite places from its lap. From mountain peak to Pristine Lake and to the cascading waterfall, everything will amaze you and will take you 1000 miles away from the world of technology. The 32km long path needs 5 days to complete and if you want to enjoy the utmost beauty please be there from October to April.

John Muir Trail, California USA:

John Muir Trail

This is one of the longest trails of California. The trail was named after famous naturalist John Muir. The 340 km trail runs between Siera Nevada mountain range of California to the northern end of Yosemite Valley and the summit of Mount Whitney. It also passes through two national parks including king’s canyon national park and Sequoia National Park. The trail is known for its unique beauty and as the best trekking rout of America. American Government Issues trekking permits for the trekkers, so before entering in the rout one need the trail permit. The 22 days trek must be complete within July to September.

Lets again come back to Asia. The vast and variety of Asian region also gives you the idea of a large number of trekking routes.

K2 Pakistan:

K2 Pakistan:

It is the highest peak in the World after Everest. K2 is known as a savage mountain as it is very difficult to ascent. The region is very difficult to trek so one need proper training and physical fitness, otherwise, this region has the highest fatality rate. The trek begins holding the hand of icy river keeping the granite pyramidal mountain in the side  and goes straight to Paiju, Uli Bihao and great Trango Tower which finally ends to K2. The adventurous route is not for the novice or weak hearted person. June to August is the best time for K2 trekking.

Well, these are some of the best travel spots around the world to have the best possible trekking experience. We will keep adding more attracting spots here. Keep visiting us and keep trekking.

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