Best Web Development Practices You Should Know

If you are new to the world of e-commerce, you should know that a good website is essential – it’s what makes your business successful. Below you will find things you should pay attention to when building a website.

Mobile version

More than 3/4 of Internet users use their mobile phones to search for products they are interested in. Therefore, it is very important to adapt the website to mobile devices. The Internet shop should be created in such a way that the user can browse the website and make purchases without any problems. In case of difficulties with displaying the website, the potential customer will probably resign from shopping in your shop.

Site speed

The speed of your website loading is very important for online shopping. Slowly loading elements of a website, discourages users from browsing its content and stops them from spending money in your shop. It is also very important for Google positioning – slowly loading pages will not find their place on the high positions of Google search engines.

Content on the website

It is thanks to them that Google users and robots will understand what products you offer through the store. Carefully analyze the key phrases matching your business and put them in the content of descriptions, page title, meta description. Try to keep the content up to date and truly reflect the profile of your company.


Nowadays, customers of online shops pay particular attention to safety when shopping. Therefore, take care to implement appropriate security protocols, encryption and secure customer data storage systems. Without them, hackers will easily steal data about your customers, which will expose them to great danger, and you to huge image and money losses.

Company blog

Keeping a blog is a great way to get new customers. By creating current and interesting articles, you will make your website more visible on the Internet. In addition, you can use the created articles to interest users of Facebook and other social networking sites. Remember that articles should be long and reliable – google robots can recognize copied from other sites content and limit the visibility of such a site in Google search engine.

Web site tracking

In order to be able to accurately measure the number of visits to individual pages of your online store, integrate it with Google Analytics and Google search consoles. It will also allow you to check the conversion of your sales, into individual key phrases through which the users entered your site.

Graphics and page layout

The website should be clear, therefore it is best to use web design company, which will help you to set all its elements correctly. Thanks to that you will be sure that your customers will not have any problems with finding products or important content. Remember that the images used on the site should be clear and matched in size to the other elements. The background color should also be toned down so as not to distract customers.

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