A Guide to Choose Best Running Shoes for Women

Running Shoes for Women

Our running shoes have magic in them – the power to transform a bad day into a good day; frustration into speed; self-doubt into confidence; chocolate cake into muscle.” This beautiful quote aptly describes the significance of a running shoe. As a woman, we are quite particular about everything so lets choose best running shoes for women that can help you with so much.

best running shoes for women

Different types of best running shoes for women

I. Shoes for running on rough trails:

best running shoes for women

These running shoes for women are designed for rugged and off-road routes which commonly constitutes of rough terrains brimmed with rocks, roots, mud and more. The shoes are designed in such as way that they perfectly suit for a solid traction. Also, they ensure the stability while fortifying the support and underfoot protection while running on these rugged trails.

II. Shoes for running on roads:

best running shoes for women

These running shoes for women are designed for running on packed surfaces like pavement with diminutive irregularities. These running shoes are quite light and flexible. They have got cushion soles which help in stabilizing the feet during repetitive treads on the hard surfaces. Running on roads mostly affect the calves muscles. Their cushioned sole is designed in relieving the pain of these muscles while running on the evenly hard surface.

III. Cross training shoes

best running shoes for women

As the name suggests these sports shoes are apt for cross fit workouts or for gyms. These shoes are best for the physical activities that need to be precisely balanced, where the person has to make more contact with the ground. Hence the cross training shoes are enhanced with a thick platform sole.

How your running shoes should fit?

1. The toes part of the foot: Ladies be careful and just ensure you have enough space about a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the front end of the shoe.

2. The mid-foot: Your mid-foot should fit throughout in a more secure and comfortable space. You can imagine it as being your foothold gently at a place.

3. The heels: There should be minimalistic or no slipping at the hells of the running shoes.

Tips while choosing the best running shoes for women

1. The sizes of the shoes vary by its brand or even from one paired model to another. There are good chances that you may need a size larger or smaller shoe from your standard size. Better measure your feet every time while buying good running shoes for women.

2. It is suggested to try on your new p[air at the end of the day. Our activities and chores during the day led to swelling and the feet are at their maximum at the end of the day. This ensures you don’t buy the small pair of running shoes.

3. Also, it is suggested to carry your old pair of running shoes if you have any so the store staff can look at the wear patterns.

4. Don’t forget to carry your running socks with you while going for buying the best running shoes for women. If you wear orthotics, you need to carry them along too. They affect the fit of the shoe at the greater extent.

5. It is also suggested to not just drool over the sales. There are special stores that deal in running shoes only are versed with different criteria of running shoes. They have got the top running shoes for women which suit best for the very purpose. Also don’t just rush in buying cheap women’s running shoes. Money doesn’t guarantee quality. Take enough time and consider every particular point before buying running shoes. The wrong pair might be the major cause of stress fractures.

6. You can ask for insoles too. Insoles which are commonly known as the foot-beds come with several models of running shoes. They enhance the comfort level while running while also fortifying the body balance and fit.

Common mistakes to avoid while buying the best running shoes for women

Buying running shoes just by drooled over their looks:

best running shoes for women

We know there is no harm in looking good and consider looks while looking for the ladies running shoes. It should be considered but it shouldn’t be the sole determinant of your buying decisions. In fact, seeing the utility in this case, it should be the last. You need to consider the fit and comfort way before fashion. Often women tend to buy shoes from women’s running shoes sale. What they consider for that point is the look and their size, which is totally wrong. Don’t just get all drooled over its looks, think fit and comfort before fashion.

Not asking for the discount deals

best running shoes for women

We as the women are considered to be the master of negotiating skills. But it’s often seen that we barely asked for discounts available on any deal. The stores which specially deal in running shoes offer the customers with a 10-20% discount. Ask for the discounts available by stores along with the discount available on running shoes for women by the brand. Sometimes you get the benefit of two, the store discount and the brand discount too. Always ask for all the deals before proceeding with buying the best running shoes for women

Buying the wrong size

best running shoes for women

Yes, shoes tend to get stretched with usage but buying a size smaller because of that is not the right decision. Women are quite particular about choosing the shoes that are closely fitted. This may lead to blisters and even black toe-nails and we are sure you don’t want it. The shoes should have the space of about half the inch between the nail of your longest toe and its front end. Also, don’t buy a size larger otherwise it would be too sloppy.

Also, it’s better to measure rather than assuming your size. The size of the shoes differs with every brand, every model, the shape of its upper, the structure of its sole and hells and many more. Has your foot measured every single time before buying those shoes.

Why to wish for the wings to fly when you can have perfectly fitted running shoes to take you anywhere?

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