Correct ways to turn off the water at times of plumbing repairs

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When you work on any fixtures, you need to shut off the water from the main to avoid any other plumbing mishap. You have tons of lists of best plumbers London but there are certain task that doesn’t require any expert hands. Knowing where to shut the water off is a crucial thing when you attempt on plumbing repairs. You will find three places where you can shut off and the area depends on where you want to work on repairing. You don’t need any tools for this.  Let’s find out the locations!

At fixture or appliance

When your faucet starts to drip or you see your toilet running, the first thing you need to do is to shut the water off from the fixture. Stopping the dripping water from the main appliance will make sure that water is still available at other fixtures while you can carry on your repairing at the affected area. This way you can take enough time in mending the situation. 

You will usually find the fixture shut off valve very near to the fixture itself. Here’s an idea of your fixture and their possible location:

Sink faucets, usually sink faucet has shut off valve below the sink. Check out the water supply tubes which runs up to the tailpieces on the faucet. If you have a faucet that supplies hot and cold water, you will get two shut off valves for both temperatures. 

Toilet, for toilet, you will get only one shut off valve. Search for the floor below the water supply which is located on the bottom of the toilet tank.

Shower, you will find the shut off valve very near to the shower or tubs. Look around and find for any access panel. You might find it on the other side of the wall from where your tub or shower is located. i f you can’t find, you may see it under the floor in the basement. If you think you are stuck somewhere and need some help, don’t hesitate to communicate with the emergency plumber London.

Dishwashers, you can search for shut off panel either under the kitchen sink base cabinet or near the sink faucet shut-off valves.

Refrigerator ice makers, these have a small mesh supply tube that runs to the refrigerator which contains shut off valve close down the water supply. 

Clothes washer, it has the water supply valve which supplies both hot and cold water. You will find the panel located either on the utility sink or water supply valve box which is set near your washing machine. 

The basic thing here is, you must find any fixtures located near the local shut off valves. If in case, you have no clue of the shut off valves, you can always close the water through the main supply line. 

How to turn off water at the water heater

The shut off valve of the water heater is located near it. You will find 2 shut off panel. Since water heater has two main chambers for the inlet of cold water and the outlet of hot water, you need to shut off the cold water inlet at times of repairing. The hot water outlet pipe also needs to be shut while you take on replacing or fixing work. You will see a handle coated with red which usually means it contains hot water outlet. You can turn it off easily. 

The process of turning the water off from the main

If you see that the leak is coming from the main, you will then have to address the main water line. You will find the main water shut off valve in your utility space which will be near your main water line (from where the water enters your home). Look outside your house and find some tap where you can close it. 

Since this pipe is not something for a regular use, you may find it hard to operate. 

You can turn the water off at the water meter

Your water meter box contains two shut off valves. One is the customer side and the other contains the city side. You are only allowed to touch this if you find no other resource to cope up with your water system. Before trying out anything as such, have a good consultation with 4D Heating and Plumbing who can guide you through this matter. 

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