Different Types of Wedding Flowers to Make Your Day Special

Types of Wedding Flowers

Imagine yourself all dressed up for your wedding, walking down the aisle, how you picture your venue? Which flower piece you are holding? Is it something traditional or something beautifully quirky? Is it the most beautiful flower of the most fragrant one? It’s something very classic or something you don’t stumble upon regularly? The wedding is just around the corner and if you haven’t decided types of wedding flowers to pick for your wedding, no worries, we got your back.

Here is the list of 8 different types of wedding flowers to make your wedding nothing less the most joyous occasion of your life:

Types of Wedding Flowers


Types of Wedding Flowers

Roses are amongst the most popular types of wedding flowers. From the archaic time, these are regarded as the connotation of love. You often found their mention in many fictional stories, mythological legends, and fairy tales. Many writers even use this as the muse and portray the profound emotions and passion with rose. Amongst a thousand different types of wedding flowers, rose is a total standout. Available in varying hues and sizes thy complement well with different themes of wedding.

The different hues of roses make it more popular as you can go for some extravagant decoration with traditional bold colors or can even tweak it with bicolor varieties too. These flowers are associated for their eloquence, be it for the wedding bouquet, or the wedding decoration or just to keep as the centerpiece, roses are amongst the most favorite of all wedding flowers on a budget idea. After all, you can never go wrong with the classic bundle of roses.


Types of Wedding Flowers

They are popularly known by the name, “baby’s breath”. As distinctive as their name, these types of wedding flowers add the flair of uniqueness to your wedding. They are quite preferred under classic types of wedding flowers. With their supreme delicate appearance and magnificence, they often summon up for a traditional table center or a profiling bridesmaid bouquet throughout the year.

Calla Lily

Types of Wedding Flowers

The flower is also known by the name “Arum Lilly”. These flowers are believed to symbolize the “eternally magnificent beauty” and their rich and refined appearance makes you believe nothing less. These trumped shaped blooms types of wedding flowers have several mentions in modern art. So if you are looking for something modernized elegant for your wedding decoration, Calla Lilly are your flowers.

There are several colors of this regal bloom including creamy ivory, orange, purple, yellow and mauve-pink. While the lighter hues complement well a beachy summer wedding, the bold hues adorn the winter wedding ceremony. With so many different types of wedding flowers available, if you strive for something exceptional, Calla Lilly is your pick.


Types of Wedding Flowers

Ever seen blooming bundles of joy in big bushy heads covered in exquisite shades of blue, pink purple and burgundy? Well look no further; among several types of bouquet flowers, hydrangea is a total standout. As per the Victorian language of blooms, this beautiful bloom is the representation of “vanity”. Also, their shape resembles a lot with that of a beating heart and hence they connote profound emotions too.

Also, their bright hues are quite feminine and hence they are an ideal choice for a regal bridal bouquet. They are quite a favored choice for the floral tiaras for the bride and for groom’s buttonholes. Also, if you are looking for something elegantly quirky for your D-day, Hydrangea makes up for the perfect wedding floral centerpieces.


Types of Wedding Flowers

What’s a better choice than several different types of wedding flowers than the flowers itself that represent “happy years”? Yes, we are talking about Tulip connotation of this. These are considered amongst the thoughtful choices for a beautiful wedding flower bouquet. From the peaceful hues like white and cream to vibrant shades like red, purple and magenta, the blooming beauties makes up for the perfect flower for your wedding.

Not only that if you’re too much into pastels, but the tulip is also available in that too like peach, pink and yellow. A suitable choice for both the casual panache and the traditional venues, they can outshine any wedding scenario. Be it for the bridal bouquets or for the luscious centerpieces in weddings or for boutonnieres, tulips make a flamboyant choice. Often combined with peonies, they add magnificence to your wedding décor with enchanting textures.


Types of Wedding Flowers

Bright hues with the soul-stirring fragrance, Peonies are nothing less than a delight. Choosing these amongst several different kinds of flowers is like adding flair to the aesthetic wedding ceremony. These can be used as the single flowers for a luscious bouquet or wedding floral centerpiece or can be used with other flowers too. This seasonal flower can embellish your wedding from late spring to early summers as it is available for the particular time only. Also, they adorn a floral crown well; wearing them in your tiara makes you nothing less than a summer queen. So if you’re looking for something distinctive unlike traditional roses or tulips, Peonies will cater that for you.


Types of Wedding Flowers

Carnations are quite a popular choice amongst all different wedding bouquet flower types. The blooms with the wide range of colors and frilly petals can enchant anyone with just a sight. Their rich appearance makes them quite favorable for wedding bouquets, boutonnieres or centerpieces. Also, one of the additional benefits of these floral beauties is they bloom throughout the year. So be it for summer wedding fun or winter wedding bash, carnations will only ascend the décor and add luring flair to the whole scenario.


Types of Wedding Flowers

If you want to add a little flair of sunshine, sunflower serves best amongst all wedding flowers on budget ideas. These yellow beauties come in a wide range of sizes and can adorn anything and everything. From buttonholes to beautiful table centers, these happy blooms are sure to enchant every guest at the wedding.

P.s. Also, if you too are a big fan of the movie, “Sierra Burges is a loser”, you are aware of the substantial value of a sunflower.

The day is all about celebrating your bond, celebrating love. What’s more enchanting than that? Flowers, the blooming beauties, the hued pop-ups; choose your favorite pick and adorn your wedding ceremony with these blooming bundles of joy.

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