How to Dress According to Your Age : Complete Guide

Dress According to Your Age
Dress According to Your Age

The way you dress is a matter of self-esteem. If an old woman with wrinkles wears revealing clothes at a party she might look funny and awkward to some people. Or if a young kid starts wearing high-priced suits, then the elderly might judge him as well. This may be because both the people are trying to fit in something they possibly can.

Even if there are no regulations on what you ever, you must consider there are some limits to it so that you don’t end up looking funny or awkward to others. An old man can buy athletic clothes and wear them at outdoor places, it’s his choice yet he will have to face the stares of people judging him.

Young adults (18-35)

A young adult has the choice of wearing anything that suits him as long as he can own his dressing style. However, you must not overdress or try to look extra because you may end up looking like a disaster, choose colours that suit you and are eye-catching. Avoid wearing too bright colours as it might look very immature. You need to work on changing your look instead of repeating the same style over and over. As you are at a young age you have the advantage of trying out different styles and accessories to build up your look, for example, putting on Black Leather Jacket over T-shirts to give you an elegant look. 


In every man’s life there comes a stage where he enters his professional life and follows his passion. At this point, you’ll get to choose your career, attend meetings or interviews and meet different people. So your fashion will be changed according to this period. You will have to raise your standards of dressing such as wearing light-coloured office shirts with dark-coloured pants. Add layers to your body by wearing a Top Gun Jacket. You can wear it with any outfit, usually with shirts. By focusing on the tiny details like adding square pockets to your suits, you can make you’re entire look more impressive and sophisticated. 

There are a variety of shoes to complement with suits such as saddle shoes, brogues, and much more that you can choose from. You must also avoid wearing suits that are not of the best fitting as they can mess with your entire business look. Get these suits tailored for you by providing the accurate estimations of your size. If you are wanting to lose some weight until you can perfectly fit in these garments, you’re mistaken. Instead, you can get your shirts customised according to your body size.

Middle-aged Men (45+)

One added advantage for middle-aged men is that they can casually put on a suit at every occasion without being questioned or criticised. They are at the point of life where they can manage their dressing with quite a flexibility by either wearing something formal or as casual as a black leather jacket. 

Middle-aged men have a wider variety of menswear to choose from like Leather Jackets, top gun jackets, turtle neck, buttoned-down shirts, etc. However, these easy going suits are rarely worn by this age group. They must focus more on wearing such durable garments which can go with each and every occasion.

Apart from age groups, your dressing style also needs to be attractive if you want to give good impressions. This is because at the end of the day the only thing they will remember is what outfit you wore at the event. So one must work on their dressing style and should not run from investing money on clothes.

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