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social media advertising
social media advertising

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Social media advertising has changed the scene of business. It is the most important part of digital marketing as it provides unbelievable benefits to reach to many customers worldwide.

The main objective of a business is to generate revenue. This is done by building advertising for your services or products with the helps of a social media platform. When you advertise on social media, the ads will get linked back to the social media page of your business or even to your website. This means that you will benefit from social media without having a channel.

Various digital marketing agency helps you to connect the essence of social media for your business and get more visibility.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms help you to establish your brand. Social media advertising companies are directed by capable social marketers and are equipped with the latest trends and have an in-depth knowledge of the domain.

How to establish business

A dedicated team will guide you to establish your business as an industry leader. This is done by modifying your public relations and refining your social presence by content, user valuation, and engagement. Using right social media marketing tools helps your brand to reach the right customer who looks out for a brand of yours.

Selecting the right social media platform is important for the success of the social media marketing campaign. You will have to choose the best social media platform as per your business requirement. 

Facebook – Post your brand on Facebook and exploit the power of ads, videos, offers, post engagement, event promotions, and likes on the page by our marketing services of Facebook.

Twitter – The marketing services of Twitter guide you to market the content, enhance the followers, educate customers, create awareness, and web traffic engagement.

Instagram – The Instagram service provides you a chance to encourage the customers visually through the best posting of images and infographics. Visual marketing tools will guide you through Instagram marketing services.

Best Time To Post on Social Media 

To find the best time to post on Facebook can make a big difference in your business stand out and reach out more of the audience. But it is indeed a challenge to know the best time to post on Facebook and we would like to help you out with it to have a maximum reach, engagement, and exposure. As you are aware that Facebook has billions of users and it has been the most populated platform ever since its formation. Having this huge audience also means that there is more opportunity for engagement on Facebook.

Your brand gets more visibility on Facebook where billions of users access to it. There are a lot of changes in the algorithm over the past years and this has emphasized family, friends, and many meaningful connections so that the content drives open engagement. Apart from the content strategy that drives perfect connect with your audience, you can best meet his need for engagement when you post at specific times when the traffic is more on Facebook. Here are a few tips to post on Facebook:

  • Wednesday 11 am to 1 pm is the best time to post on Facebook
  • Best day would be Wednesday
  • More engagement on weekdays between 9 am to 3 pm
  • Sunday has seen least engagement
  • Early mornings and evenings also have the least amount of engagement

Basically, mid-week is the peak time on Facebook

Instagram has been growing at a rapid state recently and does have about a billion monthly active users. It has also incorporated new features in the recent past thereby expanding the options to the users by way to interact with posts on this platform. Instagram’s focus is on retail and the best time to post on Instagramwould be:

  • The best time would be Wednesday and Friday late morning towards mid-afternoon
  • Best day would be Wednesday
  • More engagement on Tuesday to Friday towards the mid-day
  • Sundays have seen least engagement
  • Early mornings and evenings also have the least amount of engagement

Ideally posting on Instagram is best on a mid-day and mid-week.

Twitter has seen a huge opportunity for various brands that connect directly with audiences and manages customer care. It sees almost 500 million tweets that are sent per day where it provides many social opinion and conversation that can inform your brand strategy. To make your Twitter posting more effective, be sure of when to post on Twitter. The best time to post on twitter would be:

  • Best time to post would be Wednesday and Friday morning
  • Best days would be Tuesday and Wednesday
  • More engagement Monday to Friday from morning to early evenings
  • Saturdays have seen least engagement

Usually, Twitter sees more traffic early morning, maybe because users start their day and may require catching up on the biggest news and updates on their interest area. The peak time also moves till lunch hour and slowly reduces till late afternoon.

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