Facebook’s Latest Features Creating Incredible User Experience

Facebook’s Latest Features
Facebook’s Latest Features

Most of the people that access internet each day start their day in social media. Either on smart phone or on the computer or laptop devices, the day starts in social media. Social media has grabbed lot of attention of millions of people around the world. The one of the leading and most famous social networking site is Face book. It is indeed an interesting social networking site in which people are active many times throughout a day. Individuals, businesses and professionals use Face book for personal and business purposes. Right from the beginning Face book brings different features that give incredible experience for the users. Let’s check some of the latest features of Face book.

Customize What You See in News Feed

As the friend’s list gets increasing it would be annoying to see huge number of updates arriving one after other from various people in the friend’s list. As you see a lot of updates and posts in the news feed, you may miss the important and caring post from your loved ones. A lot of people are totally frustrated about this but the good news is that Face book has brought an amazing feature in which you will be able to control the new feed. In the preferences setup you can prioritize what you want to see and what you don’t want to see.

In this feature you can prioritize the friends in order to show the important posts first. Star the favorites so that Face book will show the top posts shared by the important friends. You can unfollow the accomplice that shares the bulk posts which would flood your news feed. By doing this you can keep your news feed clean and you will be still friends with the accomplice whose posts that you unfollowed. You can reconnect anytime with the pages or the accomplice that you unfollowed. This will be highly useful for the business facebook accounts especially therefore seek the assistance of web application development company to walk with you in this.


Add a Legacy Contact

This feature may seem strange to you but it is facilitated in a way that your account will be alive and functioning after you death. If you are dead, what will happen to the messages, photos and the posts that you shared and also each type of data you have on your account?

If you add legacy which is nothing but a legacy contact, the person that you added as legacy can maintain the account once you are dead. As you do this, you give permission for the person to download all or the important data from facebook and archive it for some reason. You can add any person from your friend list. The legacy contact that you add will be able to access and use the account with full freedom and there will be no restrictions.

The person will be able to do all sorts of Facebook activities from your Facebook account as him or herself, but not as you. This feature is widely appreciated because using a deceased person’s profile may cause various issues and also finding a way to access deceased person’s account is not easy. So, if this feature is activated, the dear ones of the deceased can access for any important reason.

Facebook’s Latest Features

Look Through Your FB History

Sometimes, it will be interesting to turn back to see the history of what happened in our life, few days ago, few months or years ago. Face book allows you to turn back and see what has happened in your facebook account on any day. You can check the digital history of any day. This is called as on this day feature, using which you will be able to find the posts, photos and other things that you have shared on facebook.

Facebook.com/OnThisDay is the link to visit and check your digital history on Face book. You can also regulate your notifications for on this day features to get notified in your news feed about any historical event of a particular day. As you see the post on the news feed, you can set up an alert if needed regarding anything about that day.
Create a Private, Controlled Scrapbook of Your Child’s Photos

This is an amazing feature for the parents who are interested to share the photos of their children on Facebook. A lot of parents that access Facebook each day or frequently like to upload the photos of their kids. It gives them immense happiness to put celebration, school, playing and other types of photos of their kids on Face book. But these days the security issue is one of the greatest to confront.

Therefore if you use this feature you will be able to create a scrapbook of your kid’s photos and you don’t have to worry about tagging as others won’t be able to have permission over the photos. Only you and your partner will be able to access and tag the photos.

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