Good Mileage Cars: Facts & Tips to Get Good Mileage in Car

Get Good Mileage in Car

To get good mileage in car is not only rational decision that leads to saving on fuel, but it will also lead in saving the “soon to be exhausted fuel”. Also with the prices of this fuel reaching clouds with no sign of lowering down has made it quintessential to consider fuel economy. But the question arises, how can you get the best mileage for your car or how can you save up on fuel? Which cars get the best gas mileage? Which is the most fuel efficient SUV to buy? Is switching to small cars or better say fuel economy cars is the only solution we are left with?

All these solutions are effective in ensuring to get good mileage in cars but is limited by the condition of “switching to something new or buying something new”. What about the existing car owners? How can they save up on their fuels or get the best car mileage in cars?

Get Good Mileage in Car

Here are few Tips to Get Good Mileage in Car

Keeping the correct air pressure

Get Mileage in Car

The tire pressure is one important factor that can help you in saving a lot on fuels. It is important not only for a comfortable ride but also for getting Good Mileage in Cars. The optimal tire pressure on the ground can help you to boost the fuel efficiency of your car. Reduced tire pressure on the ground means the increased contact of the ground and the tire which increases the frictional level.

This resulted in an increase in friction results in higher fuel consumption. Also, over-inflated tires are risky as well because you are risking the grip of tires on road. The best way is to maintain the optimal level while inflating the tires. It should be the check on regular intervals. For instance, you can check them on any fixed day of the week.

Shed that extra weight of the car

Get Good Mileage

Weight is, unfortunately, the biggest enemy when it comes to car mileage too. And while you can ask your fellow passengers to just get down just because you want to save up on your fuel, you can Get Good Mileage in Car by getting rid of unnecessary weight. For the namesake of “economizing” we tend to transform our cars more into delivery trucks by carrying the whole deck of heavy luggage. The additional weight put more strain on car’s engine, making it work a lot harder.

As the engine tends to work more than its optimal level, it requires more fuel. Hence it is suggested to keep a watch on the weight to get good mileage in car. This obviously doesn’t mean to get rid of fundamental like “spare wheels” or “car tools”, but it is advised to clean your boot regularly. For instance, you can shed the extra child safety seat if it is no longer in use.

Sticking to the recommended fuel type of your car

Premium gas or premium fuel tends to give you the best performance which can help you in saving a lot. You probably have heard of this from so many people. But one thing many people fail to understand is that car manufacturers determine the best performance based on the ideal fuel type of the car. Hence it is advised to strictly stick to the recommended fuel type of your car.

For instance, if your car manual read that it needs an elementary unleaded fuel, you don’t get the best car mileage with high premium fuel. The car manufacturers know what suits best for the car. Unless you own a premium engine car with super horsepower, you can work with the cheapest petrol too. Just make sure it is strictly in adherence to mentioned in the car manual.

Be smooth and easy when it comes to “car operator’ as well

Good Mileage in Car

One of the best ways to save up on car’s fuels is to be a smooth operator when it comes to taking a lead of car’s controls. Pressing accelerator for an insane speed and then switching to sudden brake pedals may look all good in a movie, but in reality, it’s harmful both for the cars and the driver as well. It adversely affects the fuel efficiency of the car. So it is suggested to be all easy and smooth with the car’s controls to get good mileage in car.

Correct gear is the key to transform your car to most fuel-efficient cars ever

Mileage in Car

This is not “fast and furious” or any other action drama where you are either chasing or getting chased by. And hence there is no need to change the car gear in every few seconds to pace up with anyone. Maintaining the right gear or getting all easy on pedals can help you in getting the best car mileage. The drivers need to understand the handling of the gear can make a major impact on a car’s mileage. Shifting up the car gear as quickly as possible and shifting it down only when it is needed is the ideal mantra for getting the best mileage.

The science behind aerodynamics in car’s mileage

Though it’s not direct or obvious, “aerodynamics” has an important role too when it comes to car’s mileage. Windows rolled up means your car is all intact as it can be when coming in contact with air. This means you do not have to spend extra fuel cutting the airflow around your car. If you keep your windows open even partially, it results in cutting the air flow which means engine need more fuel for dragging the car. You can save a lot of fuel keeping windows up. Also, the pollution is all increasing, keeping windows up will not only save your car’s fuel with increased mileage, and it can save you too.

Regular car servicing

Get Good Mileage in Car

We know, you probably have heard it a lot and you know it but maybe you are not completely aware of regular servicing of the car. Regular servicing doesn’t mean to check the car every other morning, but checking oil levels or its coolant standards once in a few weeks can make a huge difference in your car’s performance. A close check on filters can also help you in getting more mileage. Fuel filters, air filter along with oil filters are vital in maintaining the optimal performance of the engine. Their regular checks ensure better engine efficiency which can help you to get good mileage in car.

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