Why Should You Get Service of RO Every Six Month

Water is undoubtedly the most fundamental need of all life-forms. Safe drinking water should be available to all beings, for it lays the foundation of our health. Only 2.5% of the open Water is fit for consumption on our Earth. Adding to the misfortunes, we humans have been consistently contaminating the fresh Water as well.

Staying hydrated is important. But, it is more essential to consume Water in it’s purest form. People contribute to keeping searching for approaches to get super healthy while having their basics depraved.

Why You Need Water Purifier?

The water quality of our nation is not suitable for the drinking purposes until it is treated appropriately with the water purification system. A water purification system removes all kinds of impurities present in the Water either it is biological or chemical. Drinking of contaminated Water cause several types of waterborne disease which can be dangerous if left untreated.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), more than 80% of death on Earth occurs due to the drinking of contaminated Water. Thus it become vital to drink healthy and pure Water. The contaminated Water become more dangerous in the case of older adult and child because both are them have lower immunity. Both developing and developed nation are suffering from these issues; thus only drink healthy Water.

Which Water Purification is Best?

There are various methods which have been used for water purification, but none of them are as useful as a water purifier. There is much organization which manufactures water purifier, but Aquagurad is best among all the water purifier manufacturer and service provider. The water purifier is based on the various techniques which are as

RO, i.e., reverse osmosis

An RO can remove all kinds of dissolved impurities along with the microbial contaminations. The RO water purifier contains an RO membrane which has several tiny pores which don’t allow those particles whose size is more than the pore size of the RO membrane. This kinds of water purifier are suitable for those areas where the dissolved impurities are higher than the microbial contaminations.

UV i.e, Ultra-violate

Water purifier based on the UV rays mainly used to eliminates the microbial contaminations for the Water. The UV rays kill or suspend the growth of the microbes present in the Water. The UV water purifier is suitable for those where the concentration of the microbial contamination is high. UV water purifier doesn’t eliminate dissolved impurities.


One critique they have been acquiring is related to the RO purification system. It is compressed for ‘Reverse Osmosis.’ In the RO stage of water purification, water purifiers drain all chemical composite along with the naturally arise minerals. This was a drawback in the earlier models of purifiers.

But presently, high-end water purifiers are assembled with an additional unit that adds back all needed minerals in the right amount. So, a sample of Water that is considered is not only decontaminated of impurities but also rectified for optimal mineral composition.

Water Purifiers, Not only do they clear the Water of all chemical compounds and pathogens but also add essential minerals that our bodies need. The purification process also eliminates foul taste and odor if any present at all.

Why RO Water Purifier Need Regular Service

Aquaguard RO water purifier keeps on filtering the Water and provides safe and pure Water from impure Water. While this process the filter of the RO. It is always advisable to have an expert or professional to function the RO water purifier because the RO water purifier contains complex spare parts.

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