Get To Know The Basics About Integrated Pest Management

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Since human beings have domesticated, bugs, birds and animals are finding their way in the houses. Homeowners dread the sight of pests as they are known to carry diseases, some of which are quite horrific. The Black death which prevailed in Europe and killed thousands of humans mercilessly was carried by fleas.

Besides the houses, pests find shelter in commercial buildings, godowns, warehouses, and offices. The industry dealing in food processing and manufacturing is most likely to get an infestation. Dealing with the infestation often requires the use of chemicals which can seriously affect the food or drugs being prepared.

The modern systematic approach known as integrated pest management works to prevent pest infestation rather than control it. Professionals providing pest control assessment in NY are adopting these systematic approaches.

The whole theme is to provide solutions to uproot the causes of infestations other than elimination. Various combinations of various preventive practices are employed to keep pests such as rodents, ants, ticks, mites and bugs at bay.

This is only possible when complete comprehensive information about the pest’s lifecycle, repellents and attractants is available. Thus, a basic understanding of biology and abiotic interactions is essential for effective control.

The objectives of this approach include combining the background scientific knowledge with digital pest control solutions. It aims to provide economical pest control with the least hazards to people and property.

The Basic 4 Protocols

Business owners hire professionals who follow 4 basic protocols to effectively control pest infestation. The latest technology has made pest control quite safe and sophisticated.

Let us have a look at these basic protocols to have a better understanding. This five-minute read could save you thousands of dollars if you are a business owner.

1.    Professionals Decide Action Thresholds

Different businesses are prone to different kinds of pests. For instance, the wood warehouses should keep termites away whereas the rodents can ruin a wheat storage house.

The experts are well versed in industry types and possible infestations. An ant cannot be considered a threat. A certain threshold level is decided for which a complete action must be taken.

The threshold values vary according to the nature of the business. Foods and pharmaceuticals should have zero tolerance towards the pests.

The most important factors considered are the structure and nature of the business, the individual tolerance of every pest and the environment.

2.    Pests Are Monitored And Identified

A pest management company looks thoroughly for pest evidence and the areas promoting the infestation. Technicians are trained to use tools and expertise to pinpoint the pest inducive areas.

Pests survive on water, food, and shelter. Water plays a key role in the survival of most of the common pests. Experts tend to identify moisture contents reaching up to threshold humidity levels. Possible food sources are contained.

The entry points are given utmost attention as the whole approach is based on prevention. Every business structure is unique and demands such unique recommendations by the experts at hand.

3.    Implementing Pest Prevention Procedures

Once the pest inducive environments are identified, prevention procedures are implemented. Sanitation practices are implemented at all levels. As I have already stated, the primary goal of every pest control strategy is to limit the supply resources.

Regular inspections are carried out to deal with any issue within time. A minor ignorance or delay can affect the whole business in an irreversible manner. The employees are advised and provided recommendations by experts to deal with pests. 

4.    Custom Pest Control Solutions

Best Pest Control Companies NY devise custom pest control solutions for the lurking critters. There are three methods used by pest control services for elimination.

•    Chemical Methods

The most popular yet most criticized method of pest control is the chemical method. Scientists strive to make the safest chemical combinations. Fumigation and spot treatments are common techniques used by professionals providing emergency pest control in NY.  

•    Physical Methods

Heat treatments are implied to decrease the survival chances of pests.

•    Mechanical Methods

Devices such as fly control products and other mechanical devices are used to combat the unwanted guests. It is always better to stay safe than being sorry later!

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