Do You Dream Getting Healthy and Fit? Start Your Day Like This

Getting Healthy and Fit

Getting healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend. Instead it’s a lifestyle.

Getting Healthy and Fit

Mornings, the beautiful beginnings are nothing less than the mayhem or magical, simply depending upon your outlook on A.M hours. Most of us are struggling in settling somewhere in between without getting healthy and fit. And undeniably that’s more doable if you just think about the moments of touching the floor with the feet and rushing out of the door.

The current era has witnessed the inappropriate set of lifestyle lead by people following the sedentary trend. the worst thing is, it has not restrained to the particular age segment or a sexual group, but has outstretched its reach across the Globe. We have become a stack of an unhealthy population and our bodies have transformed into the “welcoming hostess” of the number of diseases. The need of the hour is to transform it substantially, keeping up the pace with the healthy routine. A simple and mere change can prove to be the major step towards getting healthy and fit.

Here are some ways getting healthy and fit that can surely mark your day off to a healthy start:

Let the water be the core of your health

Getting healthy and fit

The water is one of the most important elements of our body and should be the first thing to consume up as default morning routine for getting healthy and fit. Drinking water is more like breathing a whole new set of life and it proves to be the healthful start of the day. It promotes the healthier blood circulation along with serving as the body’s transportation system.

Some of the major roles played by this essential astute in the maintenance of healthy lifestyle :

Facilitate the process of losing body weight:

No, no, it doesn’t have any magical powers or properties to kill those carbs, but it will surely facilitate your efforts fighting those stubborn calories & getting healthy and fit. The first and foremost advantage of keeping the body hydrated is it prevent overeating. Often, thirst is confused with hunger by people, and while the regular consumption of water will prevent those high-calorie food intakes, giving you the sense of “FULL”.

Helps in flushing out the harmful toxins of the body

The early healing practices are based on this pure “mantra”. Drinking water first in the morning will help in the stern purification of the internal systems of the body. This practice will surely help you to flush out all those harmful toxins, cleansing the colon and hence absorbing the nutrients of the food in the best possible manner & getting healthy and fit.

Helps out in getting the glowing skin

Water is nothing less than the healthy nectar for the body and should be the first thing to intake in the morning. This magical possessor can help your skin glow by releasing all the harmful toxins out of the body. Another critical advantage of water is regulating the temperature of the body through sweating hence tuning the proper functioning of body cells.

You can even make it fun by adding a dab of lemon in the plain water as it facilitates detoxification and also tastes good.

A goody-good Morning that starts with Waking up your senses

Getting Healthy and Fit

The five senses of the body are the main leaders adhering our body to the surroundings. Beautiful mornings can commence with filling up all five of it. You can fill your bedroom with soothing light and favorite colors, fragrances and flowers. They will surely be the fresh start of the mornings and help getting healthy and fit. A pump song or your go-to song or a song that can simply persuade you to chick off those moves as alarm tone will surely set your feet free.

Reach for the sky

Getting healthy and fit

Well technically you can’t but how about stretching those limbs to touch the maximum of your horizon. Stretching your body is a wonderful way to start, to loosen up joints and increase flexibility and a great help in getting healthy and fit.

Start it with mimicking like those purr friends, the cat, by elongating the spine, stretching out arms and legs, one at a time. Thereafter you can stand up gradually, inhaling while starching and exhaling while contracting.

Include the morning exercise in the checklist of healthy Routine

Getting Healthy and Fit

Mornings are usually hectic but to keep with the pace of healthy lifestyle, you should try to take out some time that may vary from 15 minutes to an hour of morning exercises for the weight loss & getting healthy and fit and then be regulating the same.

You can commence it with something as simple as spot jogging, extending its level to balancing the body in plank position or squatting to get those toned legs and thighs or even a few Surya namaskars to freshen every nerve of the body with the healing power of Yoga. You can start up with following this routine on every alternate day and then proceeding with taking it as the quintessential of your day to day lifestyle. Exercising can help you to stay fit along with boosting your metabolism and energizing your body.

A push-up talk , a promise to self

The mornings can be quite lazy and leaving your forever favorite” bed” is probably the hardest but just think about one nice thing, you can do for yourself that day and TADAAA… you are all set to do it.

Give yourself a good water massage

Getting healthy and fit

While it may sound “something erotic and time-consuming” at the same time, it isn’t. The morning massage with water can be well portrayed in using your morning shower to cleanse all the toxins in the body and to calm down the nerves. Relax your mind while that water pours deep in.   You can focus on the positive thoughts and use the pressure of warm water to stimulate the muscles. Be mindful, how your favorite fragrant soap and water feel against your skin.

Break the fast

Getting healthy and fit

A healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with the morning meal, the breakfast, this important meal of the day plays a major role in defining a proper and healthy lifestyle. Breakfast should always be healthier and heavier as almost a major proportion of our calorie intake of the day comes from our breakfast. A fresh fruit or vegetable juice is one thoughtful choice or you could fuel yourself with the high fibrous breakfast that may include the whole grains and low-fat proteins.

Start off with the morning blogging session

getting healthy and fit

It can surely be one easy self-therapy, grabbing the journal and jotting down your thoughts and dreams. You can even try a hand of your writing styles by indulging in blog and speeding time, listening to yourself and getting focused on getting out and for a Kick-start. You can also jot down the timetable scheduled for the day as to help out the sorting out all those bewildered tasks set out for the rest of the day.

Our mind and our body are our constant, so why not nurture it with nothing but the best. “Your body is your most priceless possession… so go take care of it”.

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