Healthy Luxe: Try out some Healthy Lunch and Dinner Recipies

Healthy Lunch and Dinner Recipies

Often what stops people from adopting a healthier lifestyle is 1. The difficulty of breaking habits and 2. The fact it is sometimes considered to be expensive, time consuming and even bland/tasteless. With more and more people becoming intolerant to particular foods or avoiding food groups such as dairy and gluten for health reasons, there has been an increase in the number of resources providing healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. At the same time, these resources are effectively challenging any belief systems around healthy food being boring by offering flavourful and nutrient packed recipes. 

One resource that is helpful for finding easy healthy lunch recipes and healthy dinner recipes, as well as breakfasts and sweet treats, is wellness education platform, Healthy Luxe. Healthy Luxe is run by Australian mother-daughter duo Jennifer Murrant and Hannah Singleton. The duo have set out on a mission to show people how satisfying, delicious and easy healthy eating can be. The girls have created a recipe app (called Healthy Luxe) that has over 350 delicious recipes catering to a range of dietary requirements from gluten free, dairy free, nut free and refined sugar free to regimes such as paleo, vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian. 

The app has a section dedicated to nourishing main meals catering to lots of different tastes, preferences and requirements. The focus is providing recipes that are nutrient dense and flavourful whilst also being quick and easy to prepare. For those following a vegan diet, for example, Healthy Luxe app offers delicious dairy free & meat free alternatives to classics such as Mac n Cheese, Pulled Jackfruit Bao Buns, Palak Tofu and Walnut Bolognese… just to name a few. 

Other popular healthy dinner recipes on the app include super green kale and ricotta pizza (vegetarian), creamy Thai style pumpkin soup (vegan), melting moroccan salmon (pescatarian) and tofu buddha bowls (vegan). Easy healthy lunch recipes / healthy dinner recipes in your pocket. 

What’s also great about the Healthy Luxe recipes is that a number of the main meals are great for leftovers. This means you can whip up a big batch of one of the nourishing recipes for dinner and save the leftovers to pack for lunch. 

Each recipe on Healthy Luxe app includes a description, simple ingredient list, easy-to-follow method and a nutrition spotlight on a key ingredient of each recipe. 

Launching in November 2019, Healthy Luxe will offer additional premium features to users that subscribe to the app. This will included a detailed nutritional panel for every recipe highlighting the macro/micro nutrient breakdown, how-to videos, ability to download recipes offline so you can access them at any time and the ability to create your own customised meal plan based on your health goals. For example, you can select ‘quick and easy recipes’ or ‘meal prep ideas’ and from there you will be presented with the best option for you. You then simply select the recipes you wish to make and add it to your calendar. You can also add ingredients to your shopping cart, organised by recipe, which makes grocery shopping easy. 

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