Hire an Electrical Contractor for Light Hanging During Christmas

Electrical Contractor

Are you planning to hire a light hanging service for setting up Christmas lights? If yes, then this will certainly free you to make other planning for the festival. The professionals suggest great holiday decorating designs before setting up and offer attractive package deals along with supplies and labor costs. They use the right safety equipments for reaching out to higher places and also include removal after the holidays.

6 Tips to save your money on holiday light installation 

  1. Off-season – There are some decorating services available all the year round to remain ahead of the competition. Thus, the earlier you may schedule them during February to September, the cheaper it will be for you.
  2. DIY – A DIY installation helps to save your money, however hiring a professional at Electric Works London does have some benefits. Cutting on unnecessary expenses can make a job less expensive, but you have to take all risks by yourself.
  3. Inexpensive lights – This is certainly not a great idea if they keep on breaking.
  4. Stick to visible areas – Most homeowners decorate the front of their houses only.
  5. Timer – Time the lights so that they come only when it is completely dark and go off by midnight.
  6. Plan much ahead – You need to decide earlier how you want your display to appear. Think about the number of lights you require and where they will go. Calculate the length of your house to know where you can cut corners.

Frequently asked questions on Christmas light hanging service

Where can you search for inexpensive Christmas light installation companies?

The offseason of February to September is the right time to hire an installer. Business is usually slow at this time and so, special rates may be there.

How will you the right pricing for Christmas lights?

You need to conduct thorough research for finding the right professional who has the best pricing for your need. Know how much they charge per hour or liner foot, and don’t forget to enquire about package deals. Most of them will be able to provide you with prices up front.

What is the cost for permanent Christmas lights?

The cost for installing permanent Christmas lights is $3,500, but the maintenance cost will be a small fee when the light goes out. Most LED lights generally last for 100,000 hours which is 5 years of usage, on an average.

How many holiday lights will you require for your house?

The exterior of a house uses 15 strands, on an average. If you want to line the roof, then use 100 lights. Besides, 15 additional lights are required for each awning, on an average. For bushes and trees, it will take near about seven strands each.

How much will it cost to hire someone to decorate your house for Christmas?

Homeowners need to spend $400 on an average to hire someone who will complete the entire decoration and install Christmas lights. The electrician cost per hour in London may increase by $1,130 for more than one-storied houses.

Do you need to hire an installer for hanging holiday lights during off season?

Yes, you may hire an installer between the months of February and September to get lower and out-of-season rates for holiday lighting.

These days, search strings like “local electrician near me in London” will help you to find a good electrical contractor who can help with light hanging for Christmas.

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