Hiring A New Associate For Law Firms In India

You have decided to expand your Legal firm in India and need a new associate. Whatever the need may be, you want to hire someone quickly. Just remember that hiring can be arduous as you need to find someone who can best represent your firm, the other associates, and more importantly, the clients. If you make a poor choice, your reputation can run at risk.

Finding the right candidate

The first consideration you may need to make is to look for the right candidates. While recruiting for Law firms in Delhi, people would prefer looking for people that are based in this city. Not only will it be easy for you to get an array of candidates who can easily travel to the office and have a better take on establishing a relationship with the local clients, but you can pay less salary to the local people.

Move away from the basic education

If your firm has Law offices in India, and you are planning to recruit candidates for them, your approach must be different. You can look for the right candidates from across the country. However, try to move away from the basic education as it is not indicative of the skills you are looking for in the candidate. Do not be happy with the writing samples and the transcripts of the individual but try to move in-depth to know more about the skills of the candidate.

Hiring a lawyer you know

Even if the point sounds too obvious, you may not have to open the door to everyone you know. The Best law firms in Delhi may not reflexively let the people in. The best option is to spend some time to know the lawyers which can be a good fit for your firm. For your firm in this city, it is best to look for the local candidates you can identify from a pool of talents. Try to pay attention to those people who can be an asset to your firm.

Follow the network approach

As a premier Law firm in India, everyone you communicate with should get the message that you are hiring. Do not get bogged down by the quality of the referrals at the first point but focus on getting as many of them as you can before starting the process of screening.

Checking the law schools

For a legal firm with Law offices in India, the best option is to check the law schools as they would be interested in getting their graduates placed in some of the well-known law firms in the country.

Website of your firm

For a Litigation firm in Delhi with a website, you have to update the section “Careers” so that more people are informed that you are hiring new candidates. It will help you post statements if you have any special requirements for the firm.

Posting ads on the job website

Several Law firms in India post on the job websites as most of them are likely to be the most searched place for the lawyers and the attorneys looking for promising job options. For the associates in specific areas of practice, you can target the association websites as well.

Offering a deal

Before offering a deal to the new candidates, the Top law firms in India should always focus on getting trained experts as it helps in reducing the cost of training every employee you hire. Try to offer a deal to entice the associate to consider your offer than any other deal.

Hiring on the basis of a project

Instead of paying the attorneys throughout the year, the law firms in India may also consider hiring according to the project to get practical help and people to work on the requirements immediately. Firms should always take time to strengthen their hiring decisions to get the right fit with fewer risks.

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