How And Why To Track Kids Phone Usage With Parental Control?

Digital world has highly influenced children. They spend excessive hours on screens and thus are prone to cyber risks. Hence, parental control is a great way to keep kids safe online. 

The vulnerable youth can access to pornography, crude and raw material, unfiltered chats and a lot more. 

Hence, keeping track of your teen’s web activities may be a difficult task because questioning them would arouse suspicion. But you have a way out. Be tech-savvy. Use kids’ safety apps that allows to monitor and block online games, social networks, and sends reports and alerts of child’s activities.

What Is Parental Control Software?

It is an application that benefits both kids and parents. 

Children can restrict their uncontrolled internet use and are saved from several online threats. Whereas, parents can keep a close watch, regulate internet habits on child’s web activities and teach them digital decency.

So, let us find out how these kids tracker apps safeguard the child’s web-connected life.

Why To Track Kids Smartphone?

1.Cyberbullies and online predators:

Bullying is a major issue faced by numerous kids in school, playgrounds or on digital platforms.

Cyberbullying can badly affect your child, and they may suffer from depression, anxiety, irrational behaviour and other psychological disorder.Victims can even kill themselves to escape the onslaught of humiliation and threats.

Unfortunately, many kids don’t speak up about being bullied, and even parents are unable to find out because teens are too embarrassed to tell them.

Therefore, using kids safety application, you can protect your child from much prevailing threat of cyberbullying. 

2. Online content is important:

Statistically, 42% of children between 10-17 years are viewing pornography, and 66% of them did not willingly wish to watch such videos/ images.

Beyond pornography, there are other plenty of resources around the web that can expose your kid to violence, drug and alcohol use apps, gambling websites and much more. Although, children may not seek such online material, but yes, they may stumble upon such content.

With the help of parental control application, you can block inappropriate and harmful apps. However, a few good child trackers offer Install Blocker tool to stop your adolescent from installing any new applications on their device.

3. Internet addiction is dangerous:

When the ocean of information is flooding online, it is easy to surf the web for prolonged hours without realizing the time. 

If your kid is one of those who do not take off the eyes from the device screen and spend excessive time, they are addicted. Teens delay in completing their homework, avoiding physical activities or socializing with real friends when they are engrossed in their smartphones.

Screen time control app  help to curb kid’s wee hours on digital platforms. Here, you can set curfew hours on multiple apps that your kid use or make a group of similar apps to provide reasonable hours of accessing the internet.

4. Parents, will you be always present to enforce feasible restrictions?

In this hectic life, you cannot always remain present to check what your kid is up to. You have to impose a feasible limitation on child’s digital use in your absence too.

Well, the beauty of parental control software is that you can remotely manage your kid’s digital activities. You can schedule web time by allocating specific hours of using different apps, activating App Blockers or turning on the GPS feature.

Healthy internet habits protect children from digital dangers and make them disciplined.

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5. Track your teen’s visits:

You may be a little worried if your teen obtains a drivers licence. Their road safety may bother you as you cannot follow their whereabouts once they step out of the house. 

So to lessen your fret, location tracking apps comes in rescue. It follows your child’s footsteps and set the Geofence boundary that notifies you when your kid enters or exit the predefined location. Even good software offers Speed Limit tool that sends an alert if teen breaches the preset pace.

Additionally, you can track your adolescent in mishaps like road accidents if their GPS is on.

6. Useful during emergencies:

Panic and SOS alert helps in case your child faces any unforeseen situations like an abduction. You can reach your younger ones when they click the SOS button which sends an email alert and also buzzes a loud siren on your device.

Additionally, a trustworthy kid tracker app like Bit Guardian Parental Control provides an extra feature to add responsible guardian who takes care of kids in your absence. 

Bit Guardian also offers ‘Pick Me Alert’ in kid’s device, to remind you about their pick up location or to wary you about their crucial situation. 

7. Finds lost smartphone:

What if your child loses their device? How will you recover it? Can you protect the data of the stolen phone?

To answer all the above questions, child monitoring software plays an important role. It detects the missing gadget and even protects the misuse of stored data.

Let us take a brief about Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Bit Guardian is an Android phone monitoring application that allows parents to scrutinize and restrict teen’s online task. Its various functionalities help children in balancing their digital lives.

It has App and Call Blockers, Anti-Theft, Panic and SOS Alert, Time Schedule, App Install Blocker, GPS, App Time Limit and Kiosk Mode features.

Check out how this app’s easy and user-friendly interface helps you to keep tabs on your children.

How To Track Child’s Phone Usage With Bit Guardian Parental Control?

Step 1: Download the application for free from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Add your credentials to log in.

Step 3: Add your children (as many as you want) with your credentials. 

Step 4: Go to child’s settings. 

Step 5: Activate the required tools and enjoy various functionalities.

Step 6: Check reports of your kid’s various activities. 

So, wouldn’t you like to save your child from Digital Deception? Being a concerned and responsible parent, you must secure your kid from various pressing issues of cyberspace.

Install one of the most renowned Android phone monitoring apps – Bit Guardian Parental Control which has dipped its toes into the parental control landscape. It ensures your kiddos overall digital safety. The sooner, the better. Download the app for free today and enjoy its exclusive tools.

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