How Can You Tell Fake Plants from Real Houseplants?

Modern trend of home decor includes putting fake plants to be added into your home interior.  It is very hard to understand if you have fake or real plants in your home. When you invite guests at home, they might be inquisitive about your home decor. Your friends might act strange when they visit.  They might come home for a chat or a cup of tea but when you are doing something else they might instantly reach to check the leaf or flower which you put into your house to understand if it is real or fake. However, it would be really useless as it is very hard to understand if the plant is a fake with just one touch.

Points to Distinguish Between Fake and Real Plants

Artificial plants from which are used now days are so realistic and carefully designed that people cannot understand by just looking at it if it is real or fake. Touching the plant for a long time to check for details may not be of much help as the creators make sure every detail is at par to the real ones. However, we can still find out if the plant is a fake or a real one by examining the facts.

  • Maintenance:  There are many reasons why a real plant does not look the best. The main reason been improper maintenance. A real plant most of the time looks miserable and in need as most of us do not have the time a lot of time to maintain the plants beauty. Sometimes you may find the real plants in the bin because they are not well fed and look miserable. Artificial plants though they don’t need enough care they still require some of your precious time for a small brush to remove the settled dust on the leaves or to move the plants to a darker place in the house as the leaves may have uneven fading because of the sunlight.
  • Cost Difference: There is a huge difference in cost when it we discuss real versus fake plants. Let says you have an artificial and a real Fig tree. The artificial plant would cost you more than the real one when you buy it. However, in time due to additional costs the price of the real plants get higher than the fake ones.
  • Location of Plants inside Your Home: Many a times you will find that the plants are located in a dark corner of the house. You can be rest assured it is a fake. As real plants need sunlight to grow. Artificial plants can be placed in your home according to your mood, decor or season. The range of plants and flowers which are artificial are startling. You will find everything fake starting from Roses to Morning glory.
  • Homes with Pets: Generally, many people who have pets choose artificial plants. The reason being pets have a tendency of chewing on random things. Many real plants are poisonous and some cause serious allergies.

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