How Lenticular Printing Is Redefining Advertisements And Propelling Business Success

Increasingly, more businesses are opting for lenticular DVD and blue-ray inserts for their great appeal to customers. This makes it a go-for solution for all players after keeping up with the fierce competition.

Visual technology has taken the front seat in the world of advertising, leaving businesses with no option but to step up to the new level. These vital changes have taken over globally, and it is a never-ending competition in striving to go for the best solutions in the industry. In the search for a suitable solution that will make advertisements to standout, lenticular printing is an option that cannot be overlooked. While it is not a new invention, there have been significant advancements that have made the printing technology redefine market norms. Primarily, the core of lenticular prints is they are images with an illusion of depth and dimensionality that brings out the 3D effect.

At a time when people are shifting to more exciting and fun solutions, lenticular printing has provided businesses with a channel to capture market attention. Instead of settling for regular images that have become too popular, this technology brings a twist to how a static image can appear. Right from lenticular DVD and blue-ray inserts that attracts the curiosity of shoppers, there are lots of ways to make use of this technology. There is, therefore, no reason to stick to boring when there is a platform for winning the attention of the target market. This is because, in any setting, lenticular prints will naturally draw people, and this is the first step to attaining those sales goals.

Another reason why more people are attracted to lenticular prints is that everything around us has suddenly gone 3D. From the award-winning 3D animations and movies to video games, there is no reason why this technology cannot also be included on the DVD covers. The excitement on the immersive technology by clients is a bridge that can be used to attract them and outsmart your competition. Overly, one thing that remains to be factual is that the human eye is quick to notice anything that has an illusion touch. Lenticular printing makes this possible as it creates an animation effect where a static image seems to move when looked from different angles. This wow factor will not be ignorable by viewers, and in their delights, they will be drawn to purchasing the DVDs and blue-ray inserts.

Businesses will appreciate the fact that it is not just in small sizes that lenticular prints look great, but they are breathtaking in large sizes. Primarily, what this means is that when thinking about those outdoor posters or billboards, there is a better way to send the message home. Large format lenticular printing introduces a whole new way of advertising that leverages on a captivating technology. It is essentially kicking out dull and introducing a new level of engaging visuals to your advertisements. These 3D animated images will naturally get to be the center of attention, and sooner than later, the message will be home. Compared to traditional posters and billboards, you will have the assurance of more effectiveness and better market visibility with minimal efforts. Consequently, this enhanced presence in the market will drive more clients to you and be the stepping stone to greatness.

Tips to ensuring high-impact results from lenticular printing

  1. Settle for seasoned professionals. Unlike regular prints, lenticular printing is an involving process that must be executed appropriately for a final masterpiece. It takes a company that has invested in the right professionals with in-depth know-how to deliver satisfactory results. Overly, the printing process requires investment on time and the right equipment to make a project a success. A rule to abide by is always verifying the previous works of a company before handing over a project to them.
  2. Understand that many, at times, there is power in simplicity. To create the desired animated effects, you have to find a way of making the brand known without using too many images or words. The viewers will have more curiosity when they can easily notice the movements without straining or being lost in too many details. On the bright side, you never have to worry about this as you can engage professionals through consultation to have an action map. The clarity on what it takes for a print to look stunning will make your work easier when coming up with the ideas for the print.
  3. You will always get more value for money with more prints. If you are planning to have lenticular covers on your DVDs, then you can stand to gain much more if you make bulk orders. On the other hand, for billboards, you can always settle for a few pieces, given the low minimum order quantity.


The secret to capturing market attention today is through creative advertisements. This can be achieved by investing in lenticular DVD and blue-ray inserts to outshine the competition.

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