How to Choose Best Play School

Choose Best Play School

Your little kid needs care, love, protection, and everything you give no matter where he/she is. So, you need to pick a school very cautiously for your little champ. We have collected all the points which you are required to consider while selecting a playgroup school. The following steps will guide you in choosing the best and perfect Play School. You will only have to follow and note these points when you visit the schools. After, when you find the points fulfilled, then it will be effortless for you to pick a single school. Now, let us start the journey to search a play school:

Choose Best Play School

How to Choose Best Play School in Jaipur

Step 1: Make a Financial Plan

Before you search and visit any playschool, make sure your maximum capacity to invest in the school. According to the maximum potential, you can make a list of playschools of Jaipur very quickly. Then, move to select a single one as per your needs and facilities the schools offer. 

Step 2: Shortlist the Schools

The next step is to shortlist the Play Schools by collecting the data of facilities they offer. You can obtain the data about most of the factors on the internet like location, conveyance, security. It will help you in shortlisting the schools which you selected according to your budget in the earlier step. Then, in further action, you can make sure all the things by visiting the schools. 


The most crucial thing for your toddler is security. It is a necessity to provide a completely secure environment. So, check on the school’s website whether the building has CCTV cameras or not. Also, collect information about the practices the staff adopts to make the environment safe.

It is not even worthy to admit your kid in a Play School in Jaipur if there is no security. Well, playschools also understand the requirement of safety, so it is every school’s focus area. Then too, you need to assure you about this thing as it is a matter of your toddler. 


A kid in the age group of 1.5 to 5 years may not be capable of traveling to distant places. Also, you may not be that much free to pick up and drop your kid every day in remote areas. So, make sure that the Play School in Jaipur you choose is near your house so that it would be easy for you and your child.

Conveyance Facility

Most parents remain busy in their work, so it becomes difficult for them to handle their kid. It would be best if the school provides the safe transportation facility. You can easily manage your work, whether it is a household or office work. 

Ratio of Teacher and Students

Toddlers always require personal attention to learning & safety. So, check out how many students a single teacher handles. Less a teacher handles the students, the better it would be for you. 

High-Grade Care

Your kid needs absolute affection, care, and nourishment. The school you select should have that kind of carer who can offer your kid all those things. 

Medical Facility

Enquire about the medical facility in the school. The staff of the Jaipur’s Play School should have the proper knowledge of first-aid. If anything happens accidentally, then your toddler can get appropriate first aid on time. Further, it would be best if the school has any child specialist for dealing with any kind of problem with kids.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

The school in which your child spends most of the time should be clean and hygienic. The premise of the school should be entirely fresh so that your kid can stay away from disease. Most importantly, the staff in the school needs to wash the toilets properly on time. Also, they must provide filtered water to the kids.

Nutritious Meal

It is vital that the schools furnish nutritious food to your kid. Since the health of a kid is a crucial factor. So, check out the meal plans for every school on their website. 

Teaching Methodology

Find out the method of teaching in the school. The way of teaching is an essential aspect as a kid can learn effectively if the technique is effective. So, the school should have an innovative approach to education. Also, teachers should know the various methods of teaching to ensure productive learning.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to studying educational topics, there must be overall learning. It is required to grow every skill in a kid. There should be complete learning in every area. So, check out what other things the schools are teaching.


This factor depends on you that you want a school with a few hours or more. Some play schools are for half a day, some for a full day, and others are only for a few hours. You can choose as per your needs.

School’s Reviews

Check the reviews of schools on the internet. It tells a lot about Jaipur’s schools because the analysis is as per the researches and experiences of people. You can find many websites on the internet which give the complete details and reviews of schools. So, find out if any trustable negative comment is present or not. 

Step 3. Confirm your Requirements when You Visit the Schools

You can find some information wrong while some other missing on the internet. So, you can make sure all the things by visiting them. Also, some things you can test only by visiting the schools like the comfort of your kid. It is crucial that your kid feels good in Play School in Jaipur and finds it comfortable to stay there. So, when you visit the school, take him/her with yourself and see whether he/she is pleased there or not. 

If possible, talk with the parents of other kids who have admitted their kid in the school. Sometimes, you cannot get the proper information about the schools by talking with staff. So, always try to find out about schools by knowing the reviews of people who have already experienced it.

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