Know Interesting Facts About Cats : A Cute and Elegant Animal

Interesting Facts About Cats
Interesting facts about cats

There are numerous animal lovers across the world. To have a pet at home is like adding a new color to the scenery. Most of the people who really care to bring a beautiful pet at home and nourish it like their own guardians get confused on which pet can perfectly become a part of their family. See, there are lots of varieties from cute tiny fishes to large shepherd dog. But if we talk about cats, they are appealing and distinct from the varieties. We’ll discuss some interesting facts about cats in this post.

Are you planning to bring home this cute and elegant animal? If yes then we have offered a range of details for you to take care while bringing your pet “miss cattie” at home. The details are simple yet noteworthy and I hope you find it useful. Just go through it and enjoy the journey of cat with your family.

Get to Know Interesting Facts About Cats to Enjoy Your Journey with Pet

Initial stage

Interesting Facts About Cats

After you bring home the cat, you must offer her some dark and smooth place. Give her some time to get familiar with your family. In some days she will start recognizing all of you and come in touch with your environment. It may happen that the cat gets afraid in the starting. You must be choosy for her diet options and offer her meal mixed with old favorite food with the new one.

Go to Veterinarian

Interesting facts about cats

After one week of adoption, you must take your new graceful to the Veterinarian for a health check-up. As one of the interesting fats about cats, change of environment may lead to fever or any such illness. As per the instructions, regular wellness exam must be made and proper treatment should be bestowed to the new pet.

Cats needs to scratch

Interesting facts about cats

Cats manicures usually twice in a month and so they even needs to scratch. You must offer your rough and tough post for scratching to save damages on furniture. You can bring home scratching pad as there are varieties available in the market.

Grooming and handling of cat

Interesting facts about cats

Typically cats do not need regular bath but they must be brushed and combed on the daily basis. This will aid in cleaning of cats coat and shrinks the amount of shedding. Cats should be kept in the domestic household environment only. They may cause infection or hurt in accident. Cats can be taken for a walk on the terrace of the house.

Toys for cats

Interesting Facts About Cats

Among many interesting facts about cats, this may sound a new one to you. Cats most often love the toys which are imaginary prey objects. The toys which dance and jump and look same like it are mostly liked by the cat. It is advised to not utilize the fingers or hands as play items for newborn kittens. During the maturing stage your kitten may indulge with biting or scratching problem.

Clean litter box of cat

Interesting Facts About Cats

Some of the cats do not like to use litter box again and again after using it. Your cat may feel like not using litter box. This can make your house dirty. Just like public toilets with all that sanitary napkins flowing over the floor. If you do not want this, then clean litter box of your cat on regular basis. It is a suggestion that you should keep two litter boxes at your home for your cat.

Feeding culture

Interesting Facts About Cats

You must feed your kittens four times in a day. Be choosy on the quality of the food you purchase for your kittens. You can offer high class food one larger and two smaller meals every day to your cats. An extra care should be taken while feeding kittens and cats.

Spay and neuter of cats

After eradicating ovaries and uterus of female cats and neutering your male cats have loads of advantages. The cats can escape and look outside for any mate. This may indulge your female cat with fighting with male cats. Hence, spaying or neutering your cats will lead to good gaining. This one of the interesting facts about cats in now known to most of the pet lovers, but is quite significant.

Nails of cats and their issues

You must trim your cat’s nail. On regular intervals, the trim and cropping of cat must be conducted. You can take advice of your groomer for this.

What is to be avoided?

Interesting Facts About Cats

You can ignore the fabric which plays a magnetic role with your pet hair. Instead you must go for smooth tapestries, and synthetic fibers which are fine for your pet. Furniture is also not always good for pet care. You must choose metal and chrome for your new feline. You must not opt for hardwoods that scratch and get dented quickly.

Have ceramic tiles which will give smooth and relaxing touch to your pet. You should be cautious while preparing food at home and should avoid the case of keeping food bowl open out. You must not go for highly textured wall and try to utilize semi-gloss paint or satin colored paint for your wall.

Handle them with care

As we share some interesting facts about cats, these are one of the cutest pet in our society and people in huge number bring them home with a purpose to add shine to their lifestyle. Cats are obedient if you handle them with care. They show their emotions with their faces and activities.

They too need attention and get attached to a loving and caring soul. The world of cats has some species nearly 37 and only domestic cats are one of the total species. Cats love playing and are joyful pet. They usually live a life-size of 17 to 19 years. Like human kinds, they too get happy and sad, joyful and painful, fascinated and hungry.

Besides these, lots of things need to be taken care of like proper vaccination, check up to the veterinarian, examining the interest of your cats, handling them with the soft care, giving them efficient diet, allowing them to walk and run in your home etc. Concern and care for cats are like a sea of knowledge, the more you read the better you become with time. Keep reading more interesting facts about cats in this post in future…

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