Quit Smoking To Boost Your Mood

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

Many people that smoke claim that the reason why they keep smoking is that it helps them relax. Others claim that smoking helps them relieve stress. In some cases, these reasons are often set in the minds of some people as a reason to either keep smoking or avoid the stress that comes with quitting. However, recent reports indicate although smoking can be a short-term fix for anxiety and stress, it may negatively impact mental health in the long run.

Greater life satisfaction was recorded among study participants who stopped smoking. They also experienced improved positive feelings and less anxiety.

The Illusion Of Stress Relief

The effect of nicotine in cigarettes may help in stabilizing moods, however, this effect is a short-term fix. The instant feeling of relaxation is caused by the release of dopamine within the first 10 seconds of the nicotine reaching the brain. It enhances concentration and mood, reduces stress and anger, and helps in relaxing muscles. However, the effects vanish in the same time as the puffs of smoke disappear.

Afterward, the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal such as an increase in cravings and anxiety set in and you are back to where you started. As time goes on, smoking trains your brain to stop producing dopamine which will lead you to depend on smoking for a dopamine fix.

It is important to know that smoking is not a healthy solution for stress. In fact, it prevents you from discovering the real reasons for your anxiety and stress. As a result, you fall into the trap that you need to keep smoking to calm down — instead of exploring healthier ways to relieve your anxiety and stress. When long-term stress is not resolved, it can grow into depression and anxiety. Get amazing healthy alternatives to smoking from ePuffer.

Healthy approaches like dietary changes, exercise, and meditation are helpful ways to relieve stress.

Stop Smoking For Better Mental And Physical Health

Other reasons such as the risk of heart attack, respiratory diseases, stroke, and cancer should convince everyone to stop smoking. However, if that is not convincing enough, reduced depression and anxiety should be.

A study conducted by The British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2014 evaluated depression and anxiety measures among volunteers. These participants were a group of people who have discovered amazing mental and physical health effects after they quit smoking. Furthermore, researchers compared the effects of stopping smoking on antidepressant treatments for anxiety and mood disorders.

Participants of this study also indicated that they experienced an improvement in positive feelings, greater life satisfaction, and less anxiety.

One of the greatest things you can do to improve your mental and physical health is to stop smoking as soon as you can. It is important to note that you may begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal almost immediately. However, these symptoms are short-lived as they only last for a few days or weeks. Once you get over the initial hurdles, you are setting yourself up to experience the long-term advantages of a healthier and happier life that is free of smoking.

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