What Makes Rockwool Insulation a Smart Insulation Choice?

Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool Insulation offers intense protection to walls and floors where acoustical execution and rigidity to fire are essential concerns. This non-ignitable, lightweight product absorbs outside clamour, accordingly making your living experience more pleasant.

There is no risk to compound reactivity as the product is latent and non-destructive with air and humidity. The high softening scope of Rockwool Insulation and accessibility of consistent thickness makes it reasonable for protecting new structures or retrofitting an old construction.

Rockwool Insulation gives phenomenal sound proof Insulation and fire assurance for both private and business structures.

Browse Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining range of Rockwool Products or read our guide to discover more about Rockwool Insulation.

What Is Rockwool Insulation Made of?

Rockwool Insulation, as the name itself suggest, is manufactured from essential Rock named Basalt by melting it at high temperature and thereby churning fibers from the same made available to our clients in the form of

As the actual name proposes, Rockwool Insulation is made from Rock named Basalt by dissolving it at high temperature and thereby churning fibers. This makes access to our customers in the type of Rockwool Slabs, Rockwool Building Rolls, Rockwool Preformed Pipe Section, and Rockwool Loose for fill insulation.

These products are thermally proficient protection materials and are completely protected to use under all conditions. Rockwool Flexi has a long and compelling history of utilization in a broad scope of protection applications.

Rockwool Features

  • Great Acoustic Performance
  • Most elevated fire safety rating up to 1177 degrees Celsius
  • Water repellent and vapour absorbent
  • Stress-free to cut and fit

Rockwool is verified as Long Term Insulation Performance and Cost-Effective

It is incombustible and can be utilized as a fire interruption in specific applications, ensuring faculty or people in general if there should arise fire.

Rockwool doesn’t absorb moisture from the climate and has a neutral pH, no risk of unsafe synthetic substances draining from the product or erosion. Rockwool is lightweight, simple to introduce and will not settle over the long run.

Best acoustic Insulation is most appropriate for inside wall insulation. You can utilize both wood and steel stud wall cavities.

Similarly, it very well may be utilized in under chunk flooring, steel stud interior wall, and inside wood outlined floor. From inside wood traced roofs to basilica roofs, Rockwool’s reach throws perfect protection for your interior wall.

Furthermore, to save energy or force and home solace, we suggest protecting the storage room, which keeps the warmth in the colder season and out in the smokier season.

Benefits of Rockwool Insulation

Presently, mineral fleece protection is involving a massive spot in the business. Rockwool protection is utilized for a collection of purposes.

Rockwool Acoustic Insulation has numerous benefits over different sorts of protection materials. Some of them are:

  1. Rockwool insulation material can withstand more than 2150ΒΊ F without dissolving, which implies it altogether obstructs the spread of fire. This Rwa45 100mm material has excellent warm protection properties – for example, 100mm of chunks takes the value up to 3.3 per inch.
  2. The residents give improved warm solace as your home will remain at wanted temperatures just as lower bills.
  3. Another extraordinary benefit of Rockwool rwa45 50mm is the remarkable acoustic properties – it helps decline the clamour coming from the outside.
  4. It is exceptionally breathable, permitting moisture and air to traverse the walls, which helps drive away from the property’s sogginess.
  5. Rockwool 100mm slab is intensely impervious to moisture, and simultaneously, it is additionally fumed penetrable. It doesn’t wick water. Thus, any mass water reaching the outside or external surface channels. The water isn’t invested in the insulation body.

Details to Use Rockwool Insulation in Your Home

Its high warm productivity decreases energy bills for warming and cooling in residential buildings because of the fleece’s remarkable thermal opposition.

  1. Rockwool rwa45 100mm offers noise insulation because of its innovative materials with higher densities and lop-sided fibre standard direction that trap sound waves and stifles vibration time.
  2. It offers fire insurance to the structure and improved security since it is made of Rock that is heatproof.
  3. Rockwool rwa45 100mm Wickes is a breathable material permitting moisture to escape from the construction. This lessens the danger of shape and bacterial development within the property.
  4. It establishes a safe pressure material that can be utilized as material sheets or bonded boards.
  5. It offers speedy and simple installation giving density to the structure envelope.
  6. Provides long term performance due to the unrivalled strength of Rock that has limitless Insulation for years!


Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining Rockwool is a special encasing. The absorbent material snares the air – The flexible and permeable design of the wool moreover retains noise. Ultimately, it is incombustible and doesn’t propagate flames.

Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining is your one-stop destination for extraordinary deals on insulation products. We ensure secure online shopping at excellent rates. Invest in Rockwool rwa45 acoustic insulation slab and stay secured with acoustic and fire insulation for years!

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