SnapChat: When Should You Put It In Your Marketing Plan


Can Snapchat be an important part of a digital strategy? Is it possible to consider this social network as a winning weapon for a brand’s marketing?

In this article we will try to provide answers to these questions, explaining not only the strengths of this social channel, but also by suggesting some precautions to use it correctly.

First, let’s answer a question that many have asked themselves. What is Snapchat? This name identifies a multimedia application designed for smartphones and tablets that can be defined as a sort of fusion between a social network and a platform for sending messages. Also known as an application of the ghost, a symbol of Snapchat precisely, it seems to gather the consents of a very young audience, between 14 and 25 years of age.

This app allows you to identify and add contacts, as well as gives the possibility to publish snap, or photographs and videos made directly with this program or post public stories, similar to those of Instagram, which after 24 hours from diffusion cancel themselves. Finally, there is the possibility to manage chats that have a not indifferent peculiarity, that is, once the conversation has ended, there will no longer be any trace and cannot even be recovered. These elements have therefore contributed to attribute the name “snap “which means fast, and a significant symbol to this application, or the ghost.

The choice to make content destined for a short life is not accidental, but voluntary, as the inventors of this application have found that friends and relatives often cleaned up Facebook and Twitter profiles from previously posted content. With Snapchat they would have given the opportunity to share moments of their life in real time, but without leaving any trace after a few hours.

The snaps published with this app can include video content lasting from 1 to 10 seconds, or photographs that, once the time for viewing has expired and expired, will self-destruct, resulting no longer visible and recoverable, unless the same is shared in the stories and will stay there for 24 hours. Furthermore, unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram where there are the likes through which the viewer can express their consent, on this social network there is no system to measure the interest of users, an element that could be good in some ways. However, there is a Snapchat Score, or a score attributed by the application according to the number of snaps sent and received, the stories published, the daily use of the social network, the number of friends followed, the trophies unlocked and other variables not disclosed by the creators of the platform.

With these premises, can Snapchat be a valid component for a marketing strategyespecially in Corporate Video Production Companies UAE?

Snapchat and digital strategy to get to the heart of users

The strength of this social network lies, without a shadow of a doubt, in authenticity and one-to-one communication. Although on the one hand the creation of content intended for self-destruction after 24 hours may appear superficial, on the other hand this methodology will represent the great advantage for the realities that will choose to invest in this platform. Creating truly valid and captivating content, of short duration but above all directed to its followers individually, almost as if to confide a secret to them.

An example? The American fast food chain Taco Bell in the past has used this trick to launch a new burrito, sending a preview photo of its burrito to its followers. In circumstances like these, the concept of secrecy and direct communication to the user is therefore easy to understand.

Furthermore, especially if the potential customers are among the youngest, this means of communication will represent the one destined to be the most successful, as it is closer to their way of being on the one hand and, on the other, they are not sensitive to the usual advertising practices adopted on other channels.

The winning idea could be given by the creation of a brand-related channel where you can share the “behind the scenes “of a project or presentation, communicate the news in absolute preview, anticipate offers and un-missable opportunities. Also important is the creation of geo-located and sponsored filters, with a variable cost depending on the area and duration of each campaign. If you want to “impress “you could also think of the launch of custom lenses, or dynamic 3D effects that can be superimposed on selfies.

Snapchat and marketing plan: the essential rules

In the event that you decide to use Snapchat to bring your digital strategy to success, or where there are requirements for which this channel could contribute to the strengthening and growth of a brand’s reputation, there are precautions, or rather, practices, to be kept in consideration not to fall foul.

What content to share on Snapchat? Preview news, backstage, daily work moments that lead to the realization of the finished product, interventions taken from live events, discount coupons and competitions, pills , or interventions in which to provide useful information to the target audience

Short messages in which to provide all the necessary information, but above all designed to strike. Their creation will require maximum attention to every detail, from captivating images to the use of original and identifying lenses, as well as unique and unforgettable, to the point of being imprinted in an indispensable way in the user’s mind

Reactivity, i.e. being ready to respond and interact with other users where interested in receiving further information and details compared to what is posted

  • Seek collaboration with influencers, to broaden the range of messages and the product offered
  • Correctly use geo-filters to set up campaigns that reach a truly useful audience for the brand
  • Organize periodically live streaming, showing moments of daily life, how a product is born and how those behind the scenes work
  • Use this channel to send giveaways and offers to a select group of followers.

In conclusion, using Snapchat within a digital strategy can contribute positively to the creation of brand awareness, giving satisfaction and implementing its success. Certainly this use is still not widespread, but, taking inspiration from major brands and chains made in the USA, successful strategies can be created and capable of hitting and conquering even a good portion of the youngest audience.

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