What Strength of Plastic Door Curtains Should You Choose?

Plastic Door Curtains
Plastic Door Curtains

Plastic door curtains are invaluable in a number of different industries where they serve a variety of different purposes. They are most commonly seen in a storehouse, warehouses, and of course on industrial style walk-in refrigerator units – in fact, any area where there is a large access entrance that requires some form of barrier.

Plastic door curtains are exactly as they sound, they are made up of PVC strips that hang in the entranceway to the room. Each strip is made individually and then hung on a track where they provide a warehouse or storage unit with a curtain or seamless barrier. This PVC strip barrier can help in the prevention of contamination by stopping dust and dirt from entering the room.

When it comes to choosing plastic door curtains, several things need to be considered. The obvious one is, of course, the size of the curtain that you will require. All you will require for this are the dimensions of the gap that you need to fill. You can also call with the dimensions that you have, and they will be happy to assist you. You can buy many curtains ready-made for the size you need, but in some cases, you will need something custom made.

The other thing that you will need to consider is the strength, or weight, of the plastic door curtain that you might require, and this may need a little more consideration.

Why is the strength of my plastic curtain important?

The strength, or weight, of the individual strips of your PVC curtain, is fundamental. It is this that causes the curtain to remain shut when it is not in use and to fall back into place once a person or a small vehicle like a forklift truck has been through. Once the curtain falls back into place, it forms a seamless barrier protecting against any contamination and keeping the temperature constant.

The strength of your curtains can be adjusted to suit your requirements. If you intend to use the curtain in an area that is accessed by people on foot only then you will need a lighter strength curtain to help them to be able to pass through easier. The strips that you choose will, therefore, be thinner, which will make this easier. If, however, the area you are looking to use the curtain in is a high traffic area used by vehicles such as forklift trucks or even employees with trolleys moving products and materials from one area to another, then a thicker strength of curtaining might be more appropriate.

Heavy-duty strip curtaining is best suited to areas like warehouses where there will be mostly motorized vehicles using it.

I am still not sure what strength I need

Whether you are replacing existing plastic curtains or looking to improve conditions in your business by installing a plastic curtain – if you are not sure precisely what you need, then don’t worry. Contact a company who specializes in plastic door curtains and discuss your requirements they will have plenty of experience and be able to recommend the best strength of curtain for your needs so that you get what you need.

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