The intricate artform of TIME-LAPSING with construction cameras

Time-lapsing is the art that captures subtle natural/man-made processes which are almost impossible for the human eye to notice. The idea is to capture an event occurring over weeks or months. You then show it at a rapid speed for viewing within a matter of minutes or seconds.

Few good examples of time-lapse photography generally captured via construction cameras would be – construction of a building, seed growing from the ground-up into a full-blown plant, seasons changing through the year; etc.

The art of capturing time-lapse footage

Essentially you grab a camera (ideally choose from construction cameras), place it at the location of the shoot – and choose the rate at which to capture images. It could be every hour or a couple of hours or so.

Other than a camera – you would also need a few essential tools such as –

  • A tripod – so the camera remains still
  • Frame-rate controller – If you go with construction cameras, you won’t need to purchase this equipment separately. Modern-day cameras have this built-in functionality which essentially allows you to control the frame rate on-the-go.
  • Quality video-editing software 

What Camera To Use?

Nothing can beat the ease, formatting, and overall quality of time-lapse footage better than construction cameras. GoPro ones, in particular, can be an excellent jumping-up point to start with.

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