Things to Know About Pre Purchase Building Inspection Sydney

When you’re wanting to buy a house, it’s extremely important that you find a credible business to give you a very reliable building inspection. Why is this? Well, for starters, you don’t want to have to endure repairs that you didn’t know about – and it can greatly help you avoid buying what is often called a “money pit” in real estate (insert Tom Hanks movie pun here, right?). Either way though, you can also ensure that things are in order, and having a good enough building inspection can even sometimes save you money when you purchase a new building – as long as it’s done right. But how to you find the right business in Sydney? Well, we’ll tell you how!

Check Credentials

Australia and New Zealand have special certification requirements when it comes to licenses and insurance. Of course, just about anyone can say that they’re a building inspector, but if they don’t work for a legitimate company that has solid reviews – and if they’re uninsured – you may be in a heap of trouble and not get the results you want. At the same time, real estate agents may often tell you to go with their very own recommended inspector (often an individual contractor), but they’re often tailored and partnered to help get the real estate agent more money, which gets them more money in return. This means they’re not there to do the job for you. You don’t want that!

Make Sure You Can Be There

One of the most important things you can do is be there during your building inspection, even if you don’t have to be. This will allow you to ask any and all questions possible, or even point out some areas of concern that the inspector may accidentally overlook or not see. If an inspector tells you not to be there, then you may want to be careful, or not hire them at all! There should never be a time when you’re not allowed in the home, you’re thinking about purchasing.

Ensure Proper Logging

The best inspectors in Sydney not only have numerous requirements and licenses (many are also licensed in a different field, such as electrical or HVAC services too), but they will also make sure that they include detailed reporting. When shopping around for a company, don’t just look at the cost – look at the quality of their work, and ensure that their reporting may include images, as well as easy to understand reports that they’ll explain to you.

Conclusion: Master of the Trades

When you’re looking for pre purchase building inspection Sydney Building Services, it never hurts to hire a company that has been on the market for a while, and has more than one specialty. Companies that offer multiple building services can provide numerous different types of work for you, from handyman services to maintenance services, and they are trained in multiple fields. They should also have the best customer service in mind, and be local so they can give you an affordable quote~

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