Ways To Surprising Tactics To Increase Your SEO Campaign

Ways To Surprising Tactics To Increase Your Seo Campaign

SEO is changing its face in the new age of digital marketing. While keyword stuffing, black hat linking, and spamming used to be charming like search engines. They’re much smarter now. As users expect better results with more natural search terms. You need to adjust your strategy.

The links are still great, especially the posts from guests and the high backlinks, but there are many ways you can finish your rankings that you probably have no idea about. Here are surprising ways in which you can boost the juice of your SEO campaign.

Surprising tactics to increase your SEO campaign:

Let’s get started right away to get more momentum into your SEO campaigns.

Consolidate your cannibalization content:

The old days of SEO have dictated that the more you can use a particular keyword or phrase on your website, the better. Now, if you have too many instances of the same term across the site. It can hurt your overall leaderboard profile and trick you from the first page.

Let’s say you have a company that sells designer boots. You should talk about them all the time, right? Not correct. This means that Google rates a number of pages on your site for “Designer boots,” but they are all a long way off. How can you tell if you are exploiting your own rankings? Ahrefs is a great tool for tracking the cannibalization of keywords. If you look at your keyword placements, a small box will appear next to SERPs. Click here to see all the URLs that have placements for this keyword.

A better tactic is to use a dedicated internal page that has the highest ranking for the keywords and to optimize the content of that page for your target keywords. Then reduce the use of this term to the other pages classified for it and use internal links if you use the term.

Internal linking is the key to giving google a roadmap on which page of users on your site should be asked for “Designer boots”. If you go back to any page and put an internal link that was previously classified for the term, you will increase the ranking of the optimized page and move these pages back in the search.

Competitive analysis

You think you know your industry and I’m sure you know it. But how do you know how to do it better than your competition? Find out what they do to gain market share. Competitive analysis is the only way to really guide and stand before the prosecution.

Add a paid search:

I thought this was an article about SEO campaigns. Why the hell are we talking about paid search ?! I know, I know, but it is indeed a great double strike for terms you can not achieve.

There are also amazing automation tools that make this a cost-effective way to improve SEO. You do not have to pay extra for fancy google ads managers to do magic behind the scenes. Now there are scripts that do it for you. If you compare AdWords automation tools and the results of an ad manager side by side, you’ll see that they’re very similar. But the manager will cost a lot in addition to your ad spend.

Prepare the content snippet:

This is the new guy on the block who turns into gold. What if I told you that position 1 on google search is no longer what you should strive for? Surprised? You should actually go to position 0.

How do you get to position 0? You format your content so that you have the chance to access a particular snippet. Here is an easy way to do this. If you look at your rankings, drag the keywords you’re on page 1 in positions 3-9. Then do a google search to see if the term has a corresponding section. Here is an example:

Surprising SEO strategy snippet:

Your goal is to place your content in this beautiful box at the top. The snippet shown is a paragraph snippet. Add an h2 heading to the request and write a short but informative paragraph between 40 and 60 words answering the question. You can also take the featured snippet and do it better. However, do not copy it, and do not paste it. Then you become addicted to plagiarism.

Publish an old content:


Make it a habit to search outdated content on your site. If you find any, update it with the latest information, better refine it for the keyword it’s ranked on, and resubmit it today. It lets the search engines see it again as a new post and builds up new SEO juice without changing the URL link and losing current placements.

Take a look at our SEO services for small businesses. We would be happy to carry out the analysis we talked about in this post and help you build it. We also offer writing content with our SEO packages so you can look at your website with new eyes. Basically, when you spend money on digital marketing, make sure that this is the best digital marketing you can achieve with your budget. Let’s go through your current strategy and make suggestions to stay competitive in the brand new SEO landscape. It’s a jungle out there, do not get lost in it.

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