What Are The Tips for Buying Hard Drives Online

A hard drive is the real workhouse of the PC. It is the most critical component of your PC. The Hard drive is something where all your critical data is stored like an operating system and various other programs. The bigger the hard drive, the better is going to be the performance of the PC. Buying branded hard drive like a dell hard drive is also beneficial for the speed of the PC. The better the quality, the better it is going to be the speed of the PC. 

Shopping for computer hard drives must not be difficult. But it is also true that there is a lot of room for the error. Which is why buying the hard drives with the right tips is necessary. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines and forget about buying the wrong hard drive. 

Here are some tips for buying the Hard Drives online:

The size and interface of hard drives:

One of the most basic things that you need to decide what size and interface you are going to go for. Data drives are available in two factors, a 2.5-inch drive, and a 3.5-inch drive. In hard drives, the data is stored on a metal disk which is spinning regularly. More the disk, the greater is going to be the capacity. 

The 3.5-inch hard disks can be of 12 GB and  2.5-inch hard disks are with a maximum capacity of 5TB. Generally. These 205-inch hard drives are used in laptops. 

Performance and storage capacity:

There are some other things which cannot be overlooked while buying hard drives.

Storage capacity:

There are two types of hard disks, which are SSD and HDD. HDD can come in a wide range of capacities, 16 TB at most due to some physical limitations. On the other hand, SSD’s cannot be 

Max more than 5 TB per drive. 

Transfer speed:

The performance of a hard drive is also determined by many other factors like transfer speed. RPM (revolutions per minute) is an important factor. Higher the RM, the higher is going to be the speed of the hard drive. 


 When you are transferring the data from one section the drive to the another, it uses a special area for embedded memory, which is called a cache space. The larger the cache, the faster it is going to be the transfer. The cache space of modern hard drives can range from 8MB to 256 MB. 

The cost of the hard drives:

When you are shopping for the hard drives, you are going to come across a number of hard drives that are going to look very similar on the surface. The major differences are going to be the features that are only relevant according to your needs. Select a hard drive that fits your needs as well. 

However, with different features added to a hard drive, the cost is also going to increase. More the capacity, the more is going to be the price of that hard disk. The IBM internal hard drive of 4 TB is going to cost more than the 2TB variant. 

Internal hard drives vs external hard drives: 

One of the final things that you need to consider whether why are you buying a hard drive is whether you need a hard drive for your laptop/PC or an external hard drive. The external hard drives are useful for making a backup, storage or transfers. They can be easily connected to USB and can transfer data easily. These hard drives are portable and can be used with multiple computers and laptops. 

On the other hand, the internal hard drives are the exact opposite. They are bigger in size if compared with the portable external ones. The internal hard drives are used in a PC or a laptop and act as a keeper of the operating system. They are connected inside the CPU’s and not through the USB. 


These are some of the most important things that you need to consider before buying one. When buying a new hard drive, trying and keep your data backup with someone so that you do not lose your data when upgrading to a new one. You can also buy dell hard drive online, which is one of the quality hard drives available. 

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