When to Consider Changing to a New Digital Marketing Agency

Your brand needs a mix of creative ideas backed by great content and timing to make headway across digital marketing channels. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find that many brands, large and small, outsource work to a digital marketing agency. But when is it time to make a change?

You have expectations from the digital marketing agency in Cheshire you outsource to to deliver. You want PPC adverts that convert, and you want a vibrant and robust presence on social media… and more!

A long association with a digital marketing agency isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but only if they continue to deliver results. And that means, when your association with such an agency is no longer ‘doing it’ for your brand, it’s time to move to a new digital marketing agency.

1 Have they run out of ideas?

Digital marketing is, but its very definition, creative. But what was original and on-trend last season is seen as old hat today. As a brand, however, you may not want to follow digital marketing trends but set them. When you feel your digital marketing agency is no longer delivering creative campaigns, the time has come to look elsewhere.

Finding a new creative agency can significantly boost upcoming campaigns with fresh and vibrant ideas that revolutionise your online presence.

2 Are they using the same methods time and again?

On the one hand, if the same method continues to deliver results, all is well and good. But when it all starts to feel and look the same, maybe it’s time for a fresh approach.

For example, if there is a drop in enquiries from paid ads, is their answer to simply change the ad or make a few tweaks in the background to get it delivering again? Or do they suggest new or different methods of snaffling enquiries online or driving traffic to your site?

3 How well do they communicate?

The thing about working with a digital marketing agency is the need to stay in touch regularly about what is working, what isn’t and so on. The assumption is that no news is good news. You are paying them for a service, and you are trusting that they are delivering.

But then, you are paying a lot of money, and you assume you are repairing the rewards. But are you? Trusting and understanding places you, as the client, in a vulnerable position. You need to know that they are doing what you agreed and sticking to their side of the contract.

Regular communication is essential, but so too is getting your questions answered promptly. For example, the office phone has stopped ringing, and online orders have slowed to a trickle – just what is happening with your pay per click ads? Does the budget need increasing?

4 How well do they answer your questions and concerns?

A digital marketing agency in Cheshire that is on the ball regarding your business and digital marketing will be able to offer clear and concise explanations for when things are not working as expected.

There is also the technical know-how behind many aspects of digital marketing that need to be explained too. Just how well do they do this?

5 Are they putting their prices up but not delivering success?

If you’ve received an email that notifies you of a price increase for their services, you need to justify this increase against the results that they are delivering. And if you can’t see a clear road to success with them, you need to look to a new digital marketing agency in Cheshire.

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