With a Southwest Airline Reservation, Travel Hassle-free with Your Emotional Support Pet

The animals providing emotional support are usually becoming an airplane’s familiar sights. All of us have seen the pigs flying and the miniature horses as the animal companions sanctioned by the doctors. Peacocks also get shafts for comforting on-board passengers. And, of course, a hamster as an emotional support animal got flushed away tragically when the airline refused entry to it. Before you are toting the furry friend of yours to the terminal of the airport, you must make sure that you are brushing up on the airlines that allow animals on planes. As you may know, it is crucial to distinguishing service animals from emotional support animals. Unlike the way guide dogs guide visually challenged people, emotional support animals are there for individuals with psychological, psychiatric, and emotional needs.

The take of Southwest airlines on support animals

If you have a southwest airline deals, then you do not have to worry about support animals accompanying you. They allow animals to ride with their respective passengers provided they do not block the routes of evacuation. But, if you possess an “exotic and unusual” animal, then the teams may not permit it. The special category includes sugar gliders, rabbits hedgehogs, reptiles, spiders, insects, ferrets, and rodents.

Satisfying a few conditions

An animal meant for emotional support is an excellent help for individuals that have disabilities related to mental health. A passenger possessing southwest airline reservation can easily travel with a support animal. However, they must satisfy a few requirements. Passengers need to carry documentation requirements. The support animal must either be a cat or dog. Each customer has to bring along not more than support animals during the flight. Lastly, the animal has to be carried inside a carrier so that it can be stowed easily under your seat. But, if they are not in a carrier, then you have to keep them in the front of your place, leashed every time while onboard and in the terminal.

Must have basic training

Even if your emotional support pet has not been well trained for performing specific tasks for disabled people, they must at least, be prepared to behave well in public settings. Also, the handler must be able to control the support animal. Any animal engaging in disruptive behavior of sorts is denied boarding. When you have a southwest airline deals, these are things that you have to pay specific heed to. The category of disruptive behavior necessarily includes defecating or urinating in the gate or cabin area, lunging, biting, growing and excessive barking or whining. Therapy animals offer comfort and affection to the public members, and they are untrained for performing specific tasks.

Required documentation

Requirements of documentation concerning traveling with a cat or dog’s emotional support include many things. You have to submit documents on letterheads from licensed professionals of mental health or the medical doctor that is treating you with disability related to health. The letter has to state four items necessarily that include type and date of the professional doctor’s license along with the jurisdiction or state in which it was issued. When you have a southwest airline reservation, the airline officials need the letter to specify you are under a licensed mental professional of mental health.

Booking reservation

Most airlines strongly encourage the customer to notify in advance. If she/he travels with an animal of emotional support, when booking new tickets, customers can use the link of “special assistance.” This shall indicate he/she will seek air travel with their emotional support pet. After you have clicked on the “continue” option, you can complete the process of booking. A customer that travels with animals can be easily accommodated in a single-seat space. But, in circumstances when they cannot, a southwest airline deals offers the alternative to purchase an additional ticket or rebook a flight later. Other seats may not be eligible for refunds after the journey. You can always contact representatives before you are set to travel.

Rules to follow at the terminal

Any customer that has an emotional support pet traveling with them, they have to check-in with a gate agent or at the ticket counter for presenting the required documentation. Once the documentation has undergone verification, you get an updated pass for boarding. You can be asked about the animal’s nature at multiple points across the journey. However, you must keep documentation accessible that you need to display to the airline employees. At all times, you have to comply with all laws applicable and procedures if any locality on the itinerary.

Rules to follow when onboard

Every airline has its practices when it comes to carrying animals for emotional support. Southwest Airlines is no different, and thus as per the rules, there are no restrictions to bring your companion, but they must be inside a carrier. This carrier has to be then stowed beneath your booked seat. Another important rule is that a passenger must comply with includes the fact that when you are traveling with an animal for emotional support, you have to leave the area where the emergency seat of exit is there. That is because there must be no obstructions during expeditious evacuation programs in an unlikely emergency event. Animals at all times must not extend to the aisle of the aircraft, occupy the seat of the plane, occupy the tray table or extend beyond your seat’s footprint.

International travel

Emotional support animals can be carried to international destinations, but you must research enough, and be solely responsible for complying with the country-specific laws.

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