10 Most Easy Non Alcoholic Drinks to Make At Home

Non Alcoholic Drinks

A party without non-alcoholic drink sounds quite boring, isn’t it? But what if you can add your own interesting flair for healthy non alcoholic drinks that are easy to make at home? Yes, it’s that easy and you don’t have to spend those extra pennies. Moreover, you can add your favourite twinge to it and make it an absolute glee with easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home.

Here are top 10 easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home:

Orange Slush Punch

easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home

Image : Tablespoon

Orange is the happiest colour and after drinking this you probably are drooled over happiness too. Anything orangey is too good. This punch is a total glee for hot summers with its refreshing sweet-tart and the citrus tweak. Surely it takes a full night to prep it as you have to freeze the same for overnight, but as the quote, if it keeps you waiting, it is totally worth it. Enjoy this refreshing non-alcoholic punch which apart from being invigorating is a healthy drink too.

Banana Brunch Punch

non alcoholic drinks to make at home

Image: Tasteofhome

Serves as a great complementary drink for an enchanting brunch, banana bunch punch is easily topping the list of non-alcoholic beverages. Banana is considered as the happy fruit but what’s happier than the banana is banana brunch punch which will surely outshine a plain juice or any other drink any given day. The happy banana, the soothing flavors of orange and lemonade is all you need to make this tropical nectar. A glass of this punch will surely brighten up your family brunch.

Blackberry Shrub

easy non alcoholic drinks to make

Image: Pamelasalzman

It is one of the most popular and easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home for the Labor Day. Yes we know, September is at the ending edge. But when it comes to blackberry shrub, you probably don’t need an occasion to celebrate. As alluring as it looks, it is equally delectable. You can tweak it by adding the chopped peaches for blackberries or blueberries for blackberries. If you’re looking for something enchanting for a girl’s party, you can give it a twist of strawberry for flavor. Pretty much it’s all about tweaking berries and you can enjoy this healthy and refreshing drink.

Lemon Basil Mojito Mocktails

drinks to make at home

Image: Vgrecipesofindia

If anything that goes perfectly with the colour of summer is lemon and adding the refreshing flavor of basil leaves to it make it nothing less than happiness “drinkonified” (like personified). This is the perfect way to enjoy summer parties. Moreover, it is quite easy to make so you don’t have to tie up for hours to make this enchanting drink.

For an adult version, you can add your favourite rum or vodka, but we still suggest going with the less adultery version for enjoying it to the fullest. You can do the dressing as you like but we suggest to serve it with little lemon slices on the top of the glasses to make it more stylized.

Watermelon Strawberry cooler

non alcoholic drinks to make at home

Image: Strongertogether

9 out of 10 people love watermelon and the 10th person is probably lying. Watermelon is one of the most favourite fruit owing to its sweet taste and its healthy nutritious constituents. So how about adding its tropical tastes with the “queen of berries” strawberry and make it refreshing and fizzy. This summer drinks non alcoholic looks more like red nectar with some invigorating taste and is surely loved by all. So next time if you need to beat the heat, try it with Watermelon strawberry cooler that surely cools down every nerve with its refreshing taste.

Raspberry Fizz

easy drinks to make at home

Image Credit: Taste.com.au

One of the best things about non-alcoholic drinks is the sweet old-school flavor of fruits. Yeah, we are pretty sure you have enjoyed it all in your play parties during childhood. So let’s bring back the fun of old days with this Raspberry Fizz. Raspberry, as delicious as its name, serves as the great ingredient for a non-alcoholic beverage. As opulent as it looks, it is one good healthy drink too and is surely our favourite amongst easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home.   

Golden Fruit punch

easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home

Image: Pinoykusinero

You surely are drooled over your favourite fruit but how about making a blended drink of all of them together, sounds quite refreshing, isn’t it? Well, golden fruit punch is all about it with the added twinge of ice ring that is like icing on the cake, only the icing is in the form of the ring and is literally an ice and is used for ascending the appearance of juice.  Some of the fruits that can be used for the drink include orange, lime, pineapple, maraschino cherries and more.

Strawberry Basil Refresher

easy non alcoholic drinks

Image: Homesweetjones

What is more refreshing than strawberry and what is more invigorating than basil? How about we add the two and make it one exotic refreshing non-alcoholic drink? This refreshing drink is more of a strawberry appetiser garnished with strong flavors of basil leaves. It goes well with the vibes of cool and casual party dinner or can use it as the tropical drink for a movie night.

Cranberry Grape Spritzer

non alcoholic drinks

Image: Foodnetwork

The bold and the refreshing hues of cranberry make it a total standout and you just can resist it even with a single sight. Grapes add their own twinge in the drink but what makes it perfect exotica for any office party or a get together is the club soda that can be mixed well for directing it count amongst the best non-alcoholic cocktails. You can even give it the illusion of an “on the rocks” with the ice cubes or add the tropical mood with the lemon slice which will only ascend the flavors.

Orange lemonade

non alcoholic drinks to make at home

Lemonade is surely the savoir when it comes to brightening up a party with drinks without alcohol. You can twinge it with any flavoured fruit and the results are as delicious. Here we are talking about the invigorating flavors of lemonade with orange. This is one healthy drink that could brighten up any party or even can be used as the healthy drink if you are looking for something tropical as a substitute for sugary drinks. It hardly takes half an hour while preparing and is surely something to drool over for this summer.

These cold and flavorful combinations of easy non alcoholic drinks to make at home will surely brighten up any get together or a house party, so what are you waiting for, try out these frosty bundles of happiness and flavors.

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