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Factors to Keep In Mind If You Need a Loan for Your Small Business

During the recession in 2007-2008, all credit unions and banks changed their lending standards significantly. They did this in order to save money instead of giving the money to substandard businesses. This made obtaining loans from a bank quite a difficult task for small business entrepreneurs. However, in order to fill in the void left by banks stepping back, alternative lenders rose to the surface. These alternative lenders helped provide working capital to smaller businesses that do not need granted...


Most Fruitful Business & Investment Ideas for H1B Visa Holders

To begin with, let us first understand who are H1B visa holders? H1B visa is a non immigration visa for temporary workers in the US. The employer who gives job to such people applies for their H1B visa petition with the US immigration department. H1B requirements are: A job offer for a specialty position (where a bachelor’s degree or higher is a must) from a qualified U.S. employer. A bachelor’s degree or higher that is relevant to the position. There...


Where to Invest Your Money as a Beginner?

Congratulations to think of somewhere to invest your money. The world is big and has got enough fields and sectors developing within a short time to develop everything. It becomes quite simple for people to start investing in the area which is blooming with money. Here are some of the ideas to invest your money as a beginner who has got little knowledge about markets can invest the money for making a huge profit out of it in a limited...