Top 10 Billing Software for Business You Should Consider

Billing Software for Business

Research from Amalto shows that 39% of all US invoices are paid late, of which 61% are due to invoicing errors. Besides, 11% of clients and customers never receive an invoice. The primary cause of all these hurdles is an inefficient billing and invoicing process.  A billing software solution automates the entire accounting process, making it quicker and error-free. Here are the ten best picks if you’re looking for the best billing software for business. 

Billing Software for Business

List of Best Billing Software for Business

Find a list of top 10 most popular and best Billing Software for Business which can help in your business.

1. Zoho Invoice

If you’re looking for the best billing software to automate your billing and invoicing process, Zoho Invoice is an excellent pick. The solution offers an automatic recurring invoicing feature, along with expense tracking, automatic payment, and multi-currency support. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Effective invoicing
  • Get paid online
  • Get easy estimates
  • Track time and expenses

2. Wave

Wave Accounting is a popular billing software solution that allows you to send invoices and accept payments. The software is free to use and comes with all the essential features. However, if you want to both send invoices and accept payments, you’ll need to use two products: Wave Invoicing and Payments by Wave.

Key Functionalities:

  • Manage your accounting
  • Create professional invoices
  • Accept payments
  • Get paid faster

3. FreshBooks

If you’re in search of a versatile billing software system, FreshBooks can be an ideal pick. Whether you’re a contractor, agency business, or freelancer, FreshBooks’ suite of features and flexible pricing plans have got you covered. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Create customizable invoices
  • Set up automatic and recurring billing
  • Accept payments online
  • Support for multiple currencies

4. Xero

Xero is a full-service billing software solution. The starter plan allows you to send 20 invoices, making it ideal for startups and small businesses. The flexible plans enable you to be flexible and scale your business as per your requirements. Xero also offers helpful collaboration features. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Automate the billing process
  • Submit expenses on the go
  • Connect to your bank
  • Simplify business tasks

5. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the best billing software systems for small and midsize businesses. It’s a cloud-based solution that allows you to organize and oversee all your bills, invoices, and finances. The mobile app support enables you to manage your business anytime and from anywhere.

Key Functionalities:

  • Manage your finances without technical knowledge
  • Connect bank accounts and credit cards
  • Powerful invoicing with customer reminders
  • Integrate with multiple applications

6. BillQuick Online

BillQuick Online is a billing software solution designed for professionals and small businesses. It’s ideal for companies that have a remote workforce and need to manage billing and invoicing from multiple locations. In addition to accounting, BillQuick also comes with project management software and tracking capabilities, making it an all-in-one remote workforce management system. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Feature-rich invoicing
  • Email and print invoices
  • Automatic and recurring billing
  • Invoice by types like complete, recurring, retainer, etc.

7. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is an easy-to-use billing software solution that helps you stay on top of your business processes and finances. It offers a comprehensive range of features that cater to the requirements of everyone from freelancers to eCommerce businesses to brick-and-mortar stores. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Manage your finances without accounting knowledge
  • Powerful invoicing to boost your sales
  • Track inventory with ease
  • Generate tax reports and stay compliant

8. Invoicera

Invoicera is one of the well-known billing software solutions out there. It enables you to automate your finances, business processes, and communication. Invoicera offers all the essential features of a billing system, including online invoicing, accounting, time tracking, client/vendor management, workflow management, and more. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Enjoy effortless invoicing
  • Automate your finances, including invoices, payments, and more
  • Cloud capabilities for seamless access
  • More than 60 enterprise integrations

9. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is a straightforward billing and invoicing system for individuals and businesses who want to simplify their accounting process. The software allows you to create and send invoices instantly from your smartphone. The cloud capabilities ensure that you can manage your business operations anytime from any device. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Multiple templates to create customized invoices
  • Accurate invoice tracking with payment reminders
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Support for various payment methods

10. SliQ Invoicing 

SliQ Invoicing is a billing software solution that helps you create, send, and track your bills and invoices. It also allows you to manage credit notes, delivery notes, customer statements, purchase orders, and quotes. If you’re looking for a robust Windows-only solution, SliQ is a perfect pick. 

Key Functionalities:

  • Automate billing and invoicing with recurring invoices
  • Track payments and send receipts
  • Accept payments through multiple methods
  • Seamless and accurate report generation

Wrapping Up

Billing and invoicing are the pillars of running a profitable business. An efficient, error-free invoicing process can save your business a substantial amount of time, money, and resources. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in the best billing software solution that automates your invoicing process and helps you stay productive and compliant. 

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