5 Best Shopify Plugins to Boost Sales in 2021

Best Shopify Plugins

Your presence here means either you have a Shopify store or are planning to launch one. And that brings up the important question that you’re looking for an answer for – How to customize Shopify e-store? The simplest solution is to ask your development team. But, you can’t wait for development all the time.

In 15 days, if you have an occasion and need a module that can manage your orders, asking the development team on such short notice may or may not yield expected results. At that time, integrating a fully tested, a feature-rich extension would be the right choice. 

Shopify App Store offers around 4200+ free and paid plugins like Shopify Product Customizer, Live Shopping, and Shopping Feeds to help you grow your business

Best Shopify Plugins

Sifting through various types of Shopify Product Designer and other plugins could be overwhelming. So, we’ve shortlisted the best plugins to help streamline your business operations and drive sales. 

Let’s check them out!

1. HubSpot CRM

CRM is crucial to retain customers and handle everything related to them. When you’ve a Shopify store, you can’t rely on the in-built features, especially when customer behavior changes rapidly. You need a better solution for better conversions. That makes HubSpot CRM a must-include plugin.

This plugin provides everything you need to track, organize and nurture leads and customers. It syncs your online data with HubSpot and uses it to personalize and automate marketing campaigns. Besides, it helps push customers towards purchase by creating abandoned cart email nurturing, smart CTAs, product-specific re-engagement ads, and more.

The best part is that this extension is 100% free.

2. Brush Your Ideas Shopify Product Designer 

In the era of personalization, who won’t prefer having custom-designed t-shirts or mugs, pens, champagne glasses, photo albums, and more? If I were looking for an online t-shirt store, I would choose one with a designer tool. The one that lets me add Disney cartoons or Avengers on my t-shirt. 

If you provide products with a printable surface, don’t forget to add Shopify Product Customizer Tool. While choosing one, opt for Brush Your Ideas Designer Tool. Here’s why. 

First, it enables you to offer personalization on all the printable surfaces from your Shopify Store. To make the experience better, it has a huge library of text, fonts, clipart, images, and more. Also, it syncs with your store and manages all the aspects of the web to print cycle. 

The most important factor to consider is that it doesn’t charge any transaction value. 

3. Push Engage

Push notifications are the traffic-generators for businesses. They update users about the new products, price alerts, sales, and more without affecting their privacy. So, having it is imperative if you want to reduce your cart abandonment rate. 

Choose the PushEngage extension for your Shopify store. It enables you to send push notifications and re-engage with your customers while on the site, increasing store sales. 

With this extension, you can send your customers alerts about the drop-in price, back-in-stock inventory alerts, etc. And you won’t have to put in efforts to install the plugin. With a few clicks, you would be ready to send push notifications to your customers. 

4. ReferralCandy

Do you know that happy customers tend to refer the products/services to more customers? If you’re not leveraging referral programs, then you’re surely missing out on driving sales.  

ReferralCandy is one of the best marketing plugins for Shopify stores. Using it, you can give customers incentives to refer to friends. The rewards can be defined as unlimited referrals. In addition to this, it includes automatic reward delivery and referral programs. Also, there’s a dashboard to track referrals. 

You can use this app at $49/month.

5. One-Click Social Login

The easiest way to attract customers is to make it convenient to create or access an account. One-Click Social Login, a Shopify app, lets customers register on the e-store using their existing social credentials. 

It supports accounts from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google +, Meetup.com, Outlook, and Yahoo. The plugin also provides an admin panel to track all the registered users.  

Other Plugins

Return Magic, Back in Stock, Social Photos, Buy Button Channel are a few of the plugins you must integrate with your Shopify store. 

Though we know that picking the best ones seems impossible without testing, we hope it will make your task easy. 

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