5 Free Sites To Play Online Games with Corded Headsets

Play Online Games with Corded Headsets

Corded Headsets are headphones that can be connected to your computer, mobile, or any other devices for listening to acoustic signals. They usually work with the help of wires and contain a microphone. These headphones are suitable for generating the best sound quality.

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Moreover, if the users do not want to charge batteries, they can definitely go for that option. These are less costly as compared to wireless ones. Their exceptional soundtrack makes them popular in the marketplace. Direct delivery of acoustic frequency with the help of wire will be able to make audio quality finest.

Five free sites to play online games with corded headsets are given below:

1. Addicting Games

All the games available on this site are free. The games can be played by connecting wired headphones. Some of them make use of light sync technology. The gameplay area is brightened with the help of this feature. It will improve the display quality.

Addicting Games - FindHeadsets

The earphones will also be responsible for providing ease to the ear. The ear will not become warm while playing for a long time. They are responsible for producing crystal clear acoustic. The finest music produced by them makes them popular among customers. Logitech software is used in these earphones.

The software helps in order to customize lighting. The buttons on the headset are used for controlling different functions. Single-player games can be played on this site. It basically offers more than 4500 games. The ads are appearing on the screen while playing. However, these ads will not impact the user experience.

2. 247 Games

This is another site that allows the user to play games without any cost. Fewer ads appear on this site. It is simple to navigate and use. Moreover, the earphones can be easily connected while playing. QPAD QH 25 can be attached in this way. It allows us to hear the music track while playing.

247 Games - FindHeadsets

The user can enjoy double features at a time. Different earphones can be used in this way. CREATIVE SXFI Gamer can be attached. It is deemed as one of the best headphones with wires. 7.1 surround sound is included in it. Therefore, a completely clear voice can be generated in this way.

All the disruptions faced in the playing session can be avoided with the help of controllers. The interruptions can be in the form of ads and surrounding noise. Unidirectional noise reduction is an amazing aspect in this way. It helps to avoid surrounding sound and restrict all kinds of disruptions during playing.

3. Armor Games

It is another resource of free online games. Different categories are included in this website. It consists of MMO, adventure, and many others. The unique and interesting games present here will increase the amusement level of the user.

Armor Games - FindHeadsets

The headsets can be easily connected while using the games. All the games are updated and also available on iOS and Android devices. Thus, they can be downloaded on phones and can be played at any time. ESKA E900 can be used to hear the music as well. It has 114 dB +/ -3 dB sensitivity at 1 kHz frequency.

However, its frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This frequency will help to improve the soundtrack of the game. The audio is received directly in this case. Thus, it helps to increase the interest level of the player. 50 mm drivers make it possible to enhance the quality of acoustic.

4. Free Online Games (FOG)

It is best for independently developed games (IDG). Moreover, the mobile browser friendly playoffs are also offered here. There is no need to download the games because they are available in mobile versions.

Free Online Games (FOG) - FindHeadsets

A larger variety of playoffs are present here. Few advertisements are seen on this site. TRUST GAMING GXT 488 FORZE-B can be attached. It has a boom condenser type with exceptional features. Additionally, the structure is advanced and compact.

The result of sound is remarkable with the help of these earphones. Its sensitivity is 115 dB. Furthermore, their functionality is adjustable. It can be done with the help of buttons present on them. That is why they are quite preferred and used by the people while playing games on these sites.

5. Kongregate

It is suitable for IDG, applications, and community. It offers almost 128,000 games. The category varies according to the choice of user. It consists of action, multiplayer, and many other interesting competitions.


Corded Headsets can be used to play these games in a better way by enhancing the enjoyment level of the player. The clear sound can be heard while playing, which will make the competition more interesting and fascinating.

Thus, the games can be played by employing the amazing features of these devices. All the wired earpieces are quite demanding in the marketplace due to their extraordinary and powerful music quality. The brightness of the display can be adjusted by using control buttons present on the headset.

It has been concluded that all the above-mentioned sites are responsible for providing free games to online users. The users can make use of corded headsets to play efficiently. Advanced technology devices will help to play without interruption. Hence, the devices can be connected to the computer in order to play games in an advanced way.

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