Top 5 Scholarships You Can Apply For Studying in Japan

Scholarships for Studying in Japan

Did you know that the Japanese government offers a one-year scholarship for students to study the Japanese language and culture? Aside from that, there are many other scholarships you can apply for to study in japan where your tuition fees and living costs are catered for, from government-funded scholarships to privately funded ones and others offered by specific institutions. To qualify, you must fulfil certain criteria put forth for each scholarship. Every year, Japan offers scholarship opportunities to needy students to live and study in the country. If you would like to study in Japan, here are some of the scholarships available.

Scholarships for Studying in Japan

1. Government (MEXT) Scholarships

The Ministry Of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) offers international scholarships for students to study in Japan. Under this category, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can apply for a Japanese study scholarship valid for one year to study the country’s culture and language. They have a research student scholarship for graduates to research a field of interest at a Japanese institute.

There are also specialized training college scholarships for high school graduates while undergraduates can apply for undergraduate student scholarships. You must apply through the Japanese embassy in your country of residence and to complete the process, you need a recommendation letter from a Japanese university of choice. If you get selected, you will receive a minimum of $1000 per month for tuition and living expenses. Additionally, the awards also come with an economic air ticket from your country to Haneda international airport in Japan.

2. Private Scholarships

You can apply for private scholarships if you don’t qualify for government scholarships. Privately-owned companies in japan offer scholarships based on; nationality where they target students living in different regions such as Asia and the US. Depending on the activities the organization undertakes, it may offer scholarships for students interested in their field. For example, a bank can offer scholarships to students pursuing finance. Others may offer scholarships due to philanthropic reasons.

Such a scholarship can reduce your tuition fee and allow you to study without financial worry, enabling you to focus more on your studies. However, these are few in number as they depend on the number of awards a company wishes to issue. They may decide to sponsor several students within a year and not sponsor any student in the next year. To qualify, you must meet the company’s selection criteria in terms of what they provide, and the overall objective of the scholarship fund.

3. Local State Government Scholarship and International Exchange Scholarship

Japan’s local governments also offer scholarships to needy students residing in given locations while International exchange scholarships are offered by international exchange organizations. They include; Shinjuku-ku foreign student scholarship, Iwate international scholarship, Ohtawara-city board of education, education board of Fukuroi city, Hyogo scholarship for privately financed students, Kawasaki international association, and many others. To qualify, you have to be a resident of that locale or study in any institution in that location. If you qualify, you may not apply for other scholarships as there are limitations.

4. Institutional Scholarships

You can apply for Japan school-specific scholarships which are available to international students. University of Tokyo, Akita international university, Hosei University, Tohoku University are some of the major universities that offer such scholarships. They offer fully-funded scholarships based on grades, age, and other specific requirements.

They are highly sought after; for this, you need outstanding academic performance records to qualify. You must also reside in a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. After approval, you need to arrive in Japan on the date specified by the university; otherwise, your scholarship is declined by the institution. Such a scholarship can alleviate financial burdens, and you can study in a top tier Japanese university.

5. Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

The ministry of education, culture, sports, science, and technology provides JASSO scholarships which are independent of the MEXT scholarships. There are divide into two; the Monbukagakusho scholarship for privately-funded international students and the student exchange support program. The privately financed scholarship is awarded to self-sponsored applicants or through institutional recommendation. Both graduate and undergraduate citizens must not have been awarded another scholarship from other colleges that grant scholarships.

You need to have a college student visa and a recommendation letter from the host institution. Student exchange support scholarships are awarded to students on short term programs ranging from eight days to one year. It is meant for students who wish to do an exchange program in Japan universities. If you qualify, you get 80,000 yen monthly till the program ends. You need to prove you are not financially capable of paying for your schooling to qualify for JASSO scholarships.

Japanese scholarships allow you to study in top-ranked institutions that not only boost your career but open many doors for you. International scholarships come with many benefits, so getting awarded with one to study in Japan, will present you with many benefits.

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