7 Super Romantic Things to Do in Gulmarg

Romantic Things to Do in Gulmarg
Romantic Things to Do in Gulmarg

Gulmarg, similar to the remainder of Kashmir, is an all year goal. Notwithstanding the long stretch of September, visitors can take the Gondola ride and appreciate snow all as the year progressed. In any case, the months from mid-December to February are reasonable for snow exercises, for example, skiing and snowboarding. Light woolens are for the most part that you need during Spring – September. During October – February, the temperature drops to as low as – 4° and it is basic to convey thick woolens. You can book your flight with Delta Airlines Reservations

Places To Visit In Gulmarg

Strawberry Field

The pure Strawberry Field is one of the most excellent spots to visit in Gulmarg. Voyagers can stroll to this immaculate piece of Gulmarg or take a horse ride. During summers, the crisp strawberries are ready to be culled and appreciated. Brisk Reality: Numerous scenes of the Shashi Kapoor – Amitabh Bachchan starrer Namak Halal were shot in and around the Strawberry Field. 

Apharwat Peak

At an elevation of approx 4,200 meters above ocean level, the Apharwat Pinnacle is one of the most lovely places to visit in and around Gulmarg. It lies in the second period of the Gondola link vehicle ride from Gulmarg and arriving at the pinnacle is subject to the climate conditions. The delightful summit stays secured with snow for the vast majority of the year and the snow-clad slants are among the best ones for snowboarding and skiing in India. Another significant point is that the Line of Control (LOC) is just a couple of kilometers from this pinnacle.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Home to various types of greenery, fauna, and avifauna, the Gulmarg Biosphere Save is among the most well-known vacationer spots to visit in Gulmarg for untamed life sweethearts. Biodiversity sprouts here in its most extravagant structure. The conifers and green herbs give the whole haven a picturesque appearance. This offers sufficient chances to catch the creatures in beautiful settings.

The imperiled Musk Deer is the primary fascination of the hold. Different types of creatures incorporate Hangul, Panther, Darker Bear, Mountain Bear, and Red Fox. The biosphere hold is likewise a heaven for ornithologists. The territory has a huge populace of indigenous and transitory feathered creatures including, bury Alia, Griffon Vulture, Blue Shake Pigeon Monal, Snow Rooster, Kashmir Roller, and Wilderness Crow.

Alpather Lake

Situated around 13 km from Gulmarg, the Alpather Lake is among the charming spots to visit in and around Gulmarg. The staggering water body is arranged at the foot of the twin Apharwat Pinnacles and is encompassed by rough mountains and the verdant glades. The amazing geology and ideal setting for photography have made this goal a most loved among nature sweethearts just as photography lovers. Also, what makes this vacation destination all the more fascinating is the horse ride from Gulmarg through the well-laid cold trails.

Seven Springs

Known for its seven common outlets of water, the Seven Springs offer a glorious perspective on both Srinagar and Gulmarg valleys from the top. The well known Gondola link vehicle ride takes you from Gulmarg to the Seven Springs in Kongdori. This is perhaps the most ideal approaches to appreciate common perspectives and experience in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Golf Course

One among the biggest and most noteworthy 18-opening greens in India, the Gulmarg Fairway is arranged on the lower slopes of Gulmarg. Despite the fact that hitting the fairway started in this area as right on time as the mid-1920s, the present-day structure planned by Ranjit Nanda – an outstanding green planner – was introduced uniquely in 2011 by Omar Abdullah, the then Boss Pastor of Jammu and Kashmir. Gulmarg has gradually developed as one of the most famous spots to visit in Gulmarg and a well known playing golf goal in India. 


Khilanmarg is a little and captivating valley offering amazing perspectives on the snow-topped mountains. The rich knolls, elevated backwoods and blooms had relations with valleys will enchant you. The site of Himalayan pinnacles and the astonishing chill noticeable all around will make you begin to look all starry eyed at Khilanmarg immediately.

Shrine of Baba Reshi 

Worked in 1480, the Sanctuary of Baba Reshi is one of the strict spots to visit in and around Gulmarg. It is available by a motorable street from the primary Gulmarg Valley. The old Kashmiri engineering of the holy place – latticework on windows, cut deodar columns, and incredible craftsmanship – of the sanctuary makes it a flat out marvel. 

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Congregation is one of the star attractions of Gulmarg touring visits. Set in the delightful setting of verdant glades, tall elevated trees, and high snow-clad mountains, the congregation worked in the mid-twentieth century pontoons of its Victorian-style design. Giving the presence of a little field house of prayer, the congregation has dark stone dividers and a precarious green rooftop with wooden trimmings.

The provincial perspectives on the wild scene, the huge stretches of backwoods, the old church, and the lodgings and cabins fill in as ideal settings for astonishing photos. For a similar explanation, the fascination has turned into a point of enthusiasm for the strict explorers, yet additionally the photography devotees.

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